FANTASY BASEBALL: Sale on National Giographic (Starting Pitcher Trade Market)


Sale on National Giographic (Starting Pitcher Trade Market)


By Muntradamus



Fantasy Baseball is a long season. There will be stretches of the season where someone whose in the Minor Leagues now, could have a better Month than Yasiel Puig. Baseball is a game of discipline, and the pitchers I am going to list out are people to trade for now and watch them blossom to the Superstars they are. I will also list pitchers that are pitching out of their minds and now is the time to cash in. I present you with.



Sale on National Giographic (Starting Pitcher Trade Market)




ERA. 5.10. 22 K. 1 Win.

Gio Gonzalez is the definition of a Strikeout BEAST. Imagine Clayton Kershaw without the consistency, and you have Gio Gonzalez. Gio has had one BEAST start this season, and for the most part has been hit all over the place usually giving up big hits with 2 Outs. I still believe in Gio as the Nationals are going to turn their season around and win the World Series. Gio will be part of the awards program in the process of this. He is a Strikeout King who can easily throw 8 INN/2 ER/7 K starts with his eyes closed.


ERA. 7.31. 14 K. 0 Wins.

Latos is supposed to be the ACE for the Marlins while Jose Fernandez heals. So far Latos has been the Marlins batting practice pitcher, only problem is the other team is hitting him. Latos is a superstar and I am not going to let one month ruin what I think of him. Usually too many walks and a loss of control, just Latos being anything but Latos. Eventually he will settle in at Miami and those 7 INN/3 ER/7 K games will be back with consistency. Buy him now while he is close to Waiver Wire material.


ERA. 6.61. 11 K. 1 Win.

When Hisashi Iwakuma came into the major leagues, he had almost like a gyro ball that was unhittable. So far this season the gyro ball has been pretty hittable. His ERA is not even on an acceptable level, and now he is on the DL with a Lat Strain. Despite the DL trip, a lot of owners will not waive him because this is so the opposite of Iwakuma. I expect that the LAT has a lot to do with the early season struggles. Hisashi is a BEAST and now is the time to buy dirt cheap low. He will return in Late May and is already throwing.


ERA. 4.09. 22K. 2 Wins.

Yordano has been the king of excuses this season. Like a 7 year old figuring out how not to do his homework. Whether he thinks his arm is hurting, and realizes shortly after that he’s fine. Or he has a blister, but is fine the next day. Or he yells at batters for hitting come backers to start brawls. Yordano is a superstar BEAST. He has a 12-6 Curve to match with his high 90’s fastball which makes him a Strikeout king. 180 Ks should be easy this season, and now is the time to grab him while his ERA is a bit ballooned and he has pulled himself out of 3 starts early already this season. The potential is too strong and you will be chanting, “Ace Ventura!” everytime he takes the mound. Buy him now.



ERA. 0.62. 18 K. 2 Wins

Dallas Keuchel is a very nice pitcher, is he 0.62 ERA good? absolutely not. Dallas relies on his big breaking curve ball, and I will tell you first hand that as a lefty you fall in trouble with that pitch more often than not. I am actually righty, but I have seen these type of pitchers like Mark Mulder/Barry Zito fall down harder than they can rise. While a Mark Mulder comparison is very generous, now is the time to trade him and throw in that name drop to see what you can get. If you can pick up Gio Gonzalez for Dallas. Pull the trigger.


ERA. 0.99. 30 K. 2 Wins.

Kazmir is the type of pitcher where as soon as you trust him, he will let you down. He was a young stud with Tampa, injured his arm. Struggled with the Angels for the most part, went to Cleveland, then found his fountain of youth at the ago of 30 with Oakland. He is now 32, and while he is showing that he still has plenty left in the tank. Now is the time to trade him up for that new corvette you have been looking at. If you can figure out some sort of deal where you include another pitcher to get Jon Lester. Pull that trade. If you get Stephen Strasburg straight up, take it and keep moving. I would even settle for the struggling Jordan Zimmermann.


ERA. 1.98. 35 K. 3 Wins.

Sonny is no doubt a big name pitcher after taking on the scene a couple of years ago. He proved his worth last season, and he is off to an amazing start in 2015. While he is good, I do not believe the Athletics are this good, and sooner or later that is going to catch up to Sonny and he will fall to middle of the pack numbers. While his Strikeouts will always remain high, the no name Athletics offense will not give him the run support he needs. Once that happens, the ERA falls to 3.50. Time to trade him for a superstar. Aim for Lester, settle with Strasburg or Zimmermann. Get out of the American League if you can.


1.80 ERA. 28 K. 2 Wins

Bauer was no doubt supposed to be the stud of the studs coming up with the Diamondbacks. He has always been solid, but now is showing that next level potential we all expected. His fantasy owners see it, and other people who are glaring at these numbers for the first time will believe it. Now that I have you sold, ask for Gio Gonzalez straight up and don’t even look back. Not to even see if you left your cell phone. Gio Gonzalez will end up with stronger numbers than Bauer when the season is over, Gio will be part of World Series winning Nationals.





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