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Plouffe is on Oakland this year, could not find a cool edit, liked the green underglow. You get it.

Here is a guy who we fell in love with in 2012. In some leagues, he even qualified at SS. Plouffe the magic dragon hit an incredible 11 HRs in the month of June alone that year, which included a span of 7 HRs in 7 Games. Despite this incredible month of baseball, Plouffe finished the season with 24 HRs.

As soon as we fell in love, we quickly turned Heartless as Plouffe never came close to that 30+ HR potential the rest of his career. It was not until 2015 we saw Plouffe hit more than 20+ HR, 22. In 2016, the Twins decided to go with the youth movement and Plouffe was faded to the shadows.

Now it is 2017, where it seems like anything is possible these days. Trevor Plouffe is at the veteran age of 30 Years Old, turning 31 in June, heading to a likely back of the standings Oakland Athletics.

Will Plouffe rediscover his power swing that made him a phenom at 26 years old, or will we see a Plouffe that continues to digress into the world of the Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire?

First thing to keep in mind.

Oakland is a death valley for power hitters. Unless you are taking steroids like Jason Giambi or Miguel Tejada, you are not going to hit 30+ HRs in that ball park. But then you have the exception of all, KHRIS DAVIS.

The other Chris Davis, KHRIS DAVIS, somehow launched 42 HR as an Oakland A.

Khris Davis's walk off grand slam #khrisdavis #oklandathletics #mlb #baseball #grandslam

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Now it is obvious Plouffe is a bigger guy than Davis, both possess a similar swing. Though Davis’ has much more coverage with power. While Plouffe is nothing but a big fat red circle over the inner half of the plate.

I do not expect Plouffe to hit 30 HRs at the age of 31 years old. But I do expect you will find a quality backup you can depend on if your starting 3B ends up on the DL.

He is a player that Experts are giving zero love to, and he is a player that can end up being your savior during crucial parts of the season. Plouffe is on a 1 year deal, and his career that we fell in love with back in 2012, is at its final crossroad.

Plouffe has the power. He will be in Texas/Houston more often this season which should lead to a power boost. Even Anaheim, Yes ANAHEIM, is turning into a HR park with its short center field.

Best part of all about Plouffe. He is the #45 3B option according to FantasyPros Experts. Best Rank is #30.

Plouffe the MAGIC DRAGON, take him in the last round. Call him by his nickname when you are in the draft room with your buddies.

You just snatched a backup 3B option who can hit 20+ HRs, but most importantly remains at a respectable .250-.260+ batting average with RBI 80+ potential.





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