Fantasy Baseball: Playoff Strategy #2 – Hitting

Fantasy Baseball: Playoff Strategy #2

By Muntradamus

Playoff Strategy #1: Pitching


It is #NowOrNever for most of you in your fantasy baseball league.  This is a strategy to use if you need to make up ground in your Playoff matchup.  Let me paint you a picture..

IT is Friday.  You are losing in either SBs or HRs.  But you are in striking distance of catching up in either category.  If you have a big enough lead in let’s say the SB category, and you need to catchup in HRs.  Bench those weak speedsters like Everth Cabrera, and put in a JJ Hardy who can knock one out, even look for Jonny Gomes in your OF against a weak Lefty.  If you need the speed, go fast and take out all of your HR guys like a Ryan Ludwick, and add a Ben Revere.  You have to adjust and be aware of the Lefty/Righty pitching/hitting matchups. Those really matter..

So today’s Playoff Strategy Lesson.  If it is late in your matchup and you can afford to give up on either Power or SB’s to catch up in that category.  Do not hesitate and make the move to finish on top.  Stay on top of your roster everyday and watch out for matchups.  It is also very hard to steal bases on a left handed pitcher.  Keep that in mind as well as each day could be closer to the last..

Leave lineup questions in each daily pitcher rankings article, ask others in the BEAST CHAT.  I will be sure to get to all them before the opening pitch everyday.


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