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Fantasy Baseball is not a marathon. It is not a sprint. It is a life sentence.

If you read this entire article, not only will you be ready to BEAST your Fantasy Baseball Season. You will teleport yourself to a Fantasy Baseball King. Why am I giving away the Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide for Free when you will see me in Daily Fantasy Baseball Tournaments using my own information? Because I am trusting in God’s plan.

First before we look at what to do, here are the team by team previews for this season.




Adding Trea Turner to this lineup is unfair. Turner is going to be a BEAST while Harper/Realmuto/Hoskins/Castle/Schwab knock him in. Even though Bohm is really not that great, there are too many RBI opportunities for him this season not to thrive. Phillies are going to be scoring a lot of runs all season. Pitching staff is great with Nola/Wheeler and Suarez/Walker can have nice sleeper seasons. Great bullpen, Kimbrel should lock up a lot of saves.


Acuna is healthy this season, and the Braves offense is ready to explode for a lot of runs. It is basically the same exact team as last season, with Sean Murphy now catching. All the Braves should be better this season than they were last season as they have another year of chemistry together. Tons of runs all game, nearly every bat will find production.

The pitching staff for the Braves will not come cheap in Fantasy, but they all have good upside, but they all have their question marks. Strider was amazing last season, he could be the real deal. Wright and Fried could be good, but I will pass in Fantasy. Fried does not strike hitters out and I feel like I could him 10/10x if I was Nelson Cruz. Iglesias will get a lot of save opportunities, a proven veteran he will do his part.


Mets are basically the same team on offense with the addition of Omar Navarez at catcher. Feel like Lindor and Alonso could have had better seasons, but they will get another chance to do it together. Starlin Marte is a cheat code for SBs, he could be a monster. Jeff McNeil is solid but he does not really help you in the HR or SB category.

Verlander and Scherzer are studs, Senga and Carrasco are upside plays. Edwin Diaz will be a BEAST as the closer.

Mets will be a good team this season.


Luis Arraez comes into town and this offense is quietly putting together a very young productive offense. A lot of bats in the OF that can hit with Jazz/Garcia/De La Cruz/Sanchez/Soler. Segura can get on base and Cooper is not terrible. Marlins offense will not be great, but it will not bad either. Still closer to bad than good. Marlins do have a lot of good young pitchers including Alcantara who can win CY Young. Bullpen is not great and a closer by committee through the season seems likely.


This team is not good. Dominic Smith comes into town with a lot of opportunities to show what he can as a superstar, only problem, he is not one. Kibert Ruiz is going to be okay, but there will not be much to knock in. Victor Robles could showoff his SB potential, but then again he can also struggle to get on base in general. Joey Meneses hit .324 which is Hall of Fame good, though he could lack big time in the HR/RBI/SB/Runs department. Strasburg is over the hill, Josiah Gray is good but lack of run support will lead to very few wins. Bullpen is garbage.



Cardinals are the same team as last year, but they added arguably the best catcher in the NL Willson Contreras. Goldy + Arenado should both drill in solid numbers with a great lineup around them. Tyler O’Neil is a superstar and could break out at any moment to a HUGE season, all in all, Cardinals offense will be scoring runs frequently.

Ryan Helsley has a chance to get a lot of saves as the Cardinals pitching staff is filled with guys who can win games. Very deep pitching staff, guys who you can target late at starter and will deliver strong numbers.


Jessie Winker and William Contreras are good moves. Would love to see a rebound season from Christian Yelich, but the rest of this Brewers team is not that great and there will be inconsistencies. Not an offense that will be scoring a lot of runs.

Pitching staff is solid for the Brewer, Burns/Woodruff and Peralta are all solid. Lauer had a good year last year, would not expect the same. Devin Williams finally gets to be a closer and he can break records he is that good.


Cubs may have spent money on Swanson and Bellinger, even bringing in Edwin Rios was a good move. However this Cubs offense will not be a consistent group. There are good returning bats like Hoerner/Morel/Haap, but for the most part this is an offense that can be slowed down any game.

Cubs pitching brought in Stroman and Taillon, but these moves are a few years too late. For the most part the pitchers will be hit and the bullpen is not lock down either. Saver by committee seems probable.


O’Neil Cruz/Ke’Bryan Hayer and Bryan Reynolds is not that amazing of a core of hitters, but that is what the Pirates are dealing with. They have a lot of guys who can hit at certain times like Choi/Suwinski and Santana, for the most part this Pirates offense will have some bad games.

Terrible pitching staff, nobody you want to touch in Fantasy. Closer by committee seems likely when it is all said and done.


India/Votto/Stephenson is a terrible core of hitters to rely on if you want to win a lot of games. The ballpark will help, the hitters will not. Reds offense will not be scoring a lot of runs, they are tanking.

Edwin Diaz brother Alexis is a solid late round pick for saves, rest of the pitching staff is nobody you really want to target. Hunter Greene will have some good starts, but if he falters just a bit, you can write off the win instantly. Greene is Basically Josiah Gray in a hitters ballpark.



Tatis is back and this Padres offense will be dangerous every night. Does not get better than Soto/Machado/Tatis/Xander to go with great role players around them. Padres are going to be scoring runs every single night with the best of them. That is a potential 4 Hall of Famers in one lineup, all still in their prime.

Dominant pitching staff and a full season with Josh Hader as the closer. Padres are going to win a lot of games, all the starters will have solid numbers and Hader can lead the league in saves.


Mookie Betts and JD Martinez are two of the three best hitters for the Dodgers, feels like Boston a few years ago. Freddie Freeman will have a nice season and Will Smith/Max Muncy are solid. This however does not feel like the same Dodgers team at all and this could be the season they fall off a bit. Still a lot of talent and as long as you have Mookie and Freddie, they will always have a great offense.

Starters are top notch like always, but bullpen could struggle. Daniel Hudson could be the closer and would land a great job if he does it right. Dodgers will be winning games still, but the scores will be a lot closer this season.


Mitch. Hangier and Michael Conforto join a Giants team that is still on the bottom half of hitting, and in a huge pitchers park. Offense should be able to get some runs together, but for the most part the Giants are once again going to be the same team that can barely score any runs.

Giants pitching staff is just good because they play half their games in that huge pitchers park. Nobody super special though Logan Webb is definitely getting better. Bullpen is not that dependable and a closer by committee seems possible/likely.


Rockies seem to get worst every year, or just not even improve that much. This year they are in full tank. Cron/Blackmon/Grichuck will be leading this squad right into the bottom of the standings. Not enough hitting for this ball park and a low finish is almost guaranteed.

Pitching staff is not good enough for the Rockies. This team will falter, Bard will get saves, but none of the starters are safe.


Lourdes Gurriel and Evan Longoria join a pretty below average D-Backs offense. Ya they got some good upside hitters, but nobody who has proven that they will be anywhere near an All-Star vote, maybe Marte. D-Backs offense won’t do much until the summertime when everyone can hit in that weather.

Zac Gallen is solid, but likely not enough wins to jusitfy a high pick. Starters are not terrible, but I would not trust them that is for sure. Bullpen is dicey as well, D-Backs will not be winning a lot of games this year.




Tatis/Machado/Soto/Xander are all potential Hall of Famers and all of them will be hitting together in the same lineup. Solid pitching staff, great ball park, and most important. A very easy division that they should easily be able to cruise right through. Cardinals have it very easy as well, and the Phillies are arguably the best team. However the Padres offense is completely unstoppable. Those hitters and that star pitching staff to go with Josh Hader as the closer. Game Over.




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