By Muntradmaus


American League.

National League.

Nothing more American than those two leagues. We are now at the Championship level for both teams, let us see who advances to the World Series.


The Dodgers pitching definitely has an easier assignment this time around against the Braves than they did against the Padres. The Braves batting lineup after Acuna-Freeman-Ozuna would probably start on less than 50% of MLB teams. Ozzie Albies who was an All-Star last year, now is only a shell of the player he once was, while Travis D’Arnuad has history on BEAST DOME as he was once upon a time the Catcher in the Jays Organization that was coming up to replace J.P. Arencibia. Flashback there, go ahead and use the player search to see all of your favorite players over the years. Anyways, the Braves lineup is not good and Dodgers pitching will be able to handle them.

Max Fried and Ian Anderson is not a scary pitching combination to a team like the Dodgers. They have so many guys that are hitting the ball hot right now, the Braves will be lucky if they can somehow get both of those guys into the 6th INN or later. The rest of that rotation is going to get crushed, Mookie and Seager are setting the table very nicely. Bellinger is showing signs he is getting hot, but nobody has yet to come out with the HUGE power stroke for this team consistently. However they are all hitting.



The Astros bats are the hottest in the Baseball. The Rays pitching might be the best in Baseball, starters that is. The Astros bats can definitely score runs on this Rays pitching staff. Snell will likely not be effective against all those righties, while Morton and Glasnow are starting to hit the fatigue button. The Astros pitching staff can limit the Rays offense every game this series. While Valdez is the only starter really throwing well, the Rays offense does not appear hot enough to get into a shootout. Though as I write that I can see it happening at least once. Meadows and Lowe are solid, rest of that lineup is role players who are getting timely hits. Like the Marlins, it was a fun journey for the Rays.

Correa/Bregman/Springer/Altuve/Brantley are all playing their best baseball they have all played in sometime. To win the World Series, it is about your key players getting hot at the right time. Right now the entire Astros team is Hot at the right time.


If MLB wants the world to watch the World Series to save Baseball ratings. The MLB will rig it to an Astros vs. Dodgers series. They should not have to rig it, but MLB really needs that to be the matchup. Nobody in the world is going to watch Rays vs. Dodgers. Everyone in the world will watch Astros vs. Dodgers.

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