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By Muntradamus


By now you are looking at your team and starting to see what you got.  But that is a common mistake, the season is too young to judge players.  In fact, I would want to grab players who are cold right now.  The season is very long at 162 games, we have not even played 20 of them.  So sit back, relax, and take a look the Risers and Fallers of Fantasy Baseball.


What Makes Beast Dome unique from all the other sites, is that I keep journals upon notes upon statistics that no other experts look at.  Follow my advice, and I promise you will win your title.


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Hot Hitters

*12 Hot Hitters in the Majors right now.


Dan Uggla: Last 8 Games (.440 Average. 3 HRs. 7 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: When Uggla is hot, you have to ride him out.  His power potential at the 2B option can make him legendary.  Right now he is ranked as the #4 2B option despite the power stroke.



Jason Kubel: Last 9 Games (.352 Average. 3 HRs. 6 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: With Chris Young injured, Gerardo Parra is now playing everyday which allows Jason Kubel to not have to worry about losing his spot.  He is hot now, but if he cools down later he could potentially lose his spot.  He is also on a 9 Game Hitting Streak.


Josh Hamilton: Last 6 Games (.303 Average. 3 HRs. 7 RBIs. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Hamilton is a beast.  Right now he is as popular as Matt Kemp as a fantasy option, and you could probably get any OF/INF player you want outside of Kemp.



Ryan Braun: Last 5 Games (.350 Average. 3 HRs. 6 RBIs. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Back to playing like his 1st round value.  He has been hitting a HR, having a bad game, and then hitting a HR.



Yoenis Cespedes: Last 9 Games (.297 Average.  2 HRs. 11 RBIs. 3 SBs. 2 CS)

Fantasy Take: If anyone looks on track for 30/30 this season, it has to be Yoenis.  His value is climbing quickly as he is active in some stat category every night.  His value will continue to rise.



Paul Konero: Last 5 Games (.400 Average. 3 HRs. 4 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: Konerko is showing his Greek Godness as the ageless 1B option who will continue to hit for a .300 average while garnishing around 30 HRs.  Rock Solid.



Angel Pagan: Last 10 Games (.297 Average. 2 HRs. 2 RBIs. 2 SBs)

Fantasy Take: Angel is actually on a 10 game hitting streak.  The Giants are a team that needs to play small ball, and Pagan could easily steal 30+ Bases in that offense.



Drew Stubbs: Last 6 Games (.384 Average. 1 HR. 6 RBIs. 2 SBs)

Fantasy Take: Stubbs is also on a 10 Game hitting streak, and is now back to the form all his owners hope he would be.  There was a good reason why I told you to BUY LOW while you could.



Desmond Jennings: Last Games (.320 Average. 3 HRs. 6 RBIs. 2 SBs)

Fantasy Take: Jennings is on fire since his slow start.  He was actually the cover man of the HITTERS TRADE MARKET article.  Hopefully you took the advice, because he is going to hit 20 HRs and steal 40 Bases.



David Ortiz: Last 10 Games (.487 Average. 3 HRs. 11 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: When Big Papi is hot, you have to ride him out.  Right now in Daily Fantasy drafts he gets taken right after Kemp, Hamilton, and Kinsler.


Buster Posey: Last 8 Games (.431 Average. 2 HRs. 4 RBIs. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Posey is hitting the ball at an elite rate.  If he keeps this up, he can get comfortable at the #2 spot behind Mike Napoli.  Carlos Santana will not let that fly however.



Mike Aviles: Last 10 Games (.357 Average. 4 HRs. 10 RBIs. 2 SBS)

Fantasy Take:  Aviles has been thriving since being the leadoff hitter, and that is why I told you to DRAFT HIM in this Sleeper article.


Heating Up

*10 Hitters that are Heating up and could be on this list next week.

Hunter Pence: 2 Game Hitting Streak (.333 Average. 1 HR. 4 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: We all know what he is capable of, and now appears to be 100% healthy.  He can easily play as a top 15 fantasy option.



David Freese: 4 Game Hitting Streak (.333 Average. 1 HR. 5 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: Freese is giving his fantasy owners one last time to sell really high.  I would take Brett Lawrie easily in a deal if it was offered.



Jose Altuve: 5 Game Hitting Streak (.529 Average. 1 HR. 3 RBIs. 2 SB)

Fantasy Take: If he keeps this up, his trade value will rise quickly.  A lot of people will not give you too much now, but his potential to acquire someone high is more than possible.



Corey Hart: 3 Game Hitting Streak (.555 Average. 2 HRs. 4 RBIs. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Do not be surprised to see him make leaps and bounds of all his rankings during this little hot streak that is now starting.


Carlos Pena: 2 Game Hitting Streak (1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: There is a reason why he was the cover man of the Week 1 Wavier Wire (DON’T PENA WITH MY HEART).  When Carlos gets hot, he gets on fire.



Robinson Cano: 5 Game Hitting Streak (.333 Average)

Soon the power and RBIs will come, do not worry that pretty little face of yours as he only sits at 1.



Brennan Boesch: 3 Game Hitting Streak (.214 Average. 2 HRs. 3 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: Boesch is starting to reach that 25+ HR potential his owners were hoping for.



Mike Moustakas: Last 8 Games (.421 Average. 1 HR. 2 RBIs. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: As a keeper, Moustakas may rank within the top 5 five at the position.  He is ready to explode for a huge upward trend.



Brandon Phillips: Last 4 Games (.266 Average. 2 HRs. 5 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: What makes Phillips special is his 20/20 potential, right now he is feeling it with the power stroke.



Eric Hosmer: 7 Game Hitting Streak (.258 Average. 3 HRs. 5 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: Hosmer is currently on a 7 game hitting streak, and his power is starting to show.  He will easily finish as a top 8 1B option by the time the season ends.




Cold Hitters

*10 Hitters that are ICE COLD.


Nelson Cruz: Last 5 Games (.133 Average. 0 RBIs. 1 CS)

Fantasy Take: He will be a player mentioned in my Buy Low article if you can acquire him now.


Jason Heyward: Last 5 Games (.187 Average. 1 RBI. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Do not fear, Jason Heyward will get hot again.  If he does not heat up by this weekend his trade value may be just right.



Jimmy Rollins: Last 9 Games (.088 Average. 1 RBI. 2 SBs)

Fantasy Take: He started the season out hot, and is now in the midst of a huge slump.  As long as he is healthy, you know the former MVP is going to snap out of it.



Paul Goldschmidt: Last 9 Games (.172 Average. 2 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: This may be the real Paul Goldschmidt right here.  I would be a little afraid.



Jhonny Peralta: Last 5 Games (.052 Average)

Fantasy Take: He will turn it around, this is a great time to steal him in a trade.



Cameron Maybin: Last 7 Games (.130 Average. 1 RBI. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Another great Buy-Low candidate.  More about him in the Trade Market article coming this weekend.



Hanley Ramirez: Last 4 Games (0/20. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Hanley will be back, this is just a cold streak.  Right before this he hit HRs in 3 consecutive games.



Jose Reyes: Last 5 Games (.200 Average. 1 RBI. 1 SB)

Fantasy Take: Reyes has yet to get going this season for Miami, as his average sits at .217.  Once he gets back to .300 those numbers will rise quickly.



Albert Pujols: Last 4 Games (0/15)

Fantasy Take: The nightmare season continues to get worst for Pujols.  He went through the exact same thing last year, and still ended up with 37 HRs.  He will be just fine.


Gincarlo Stanton: Season (.241 Average. 0 HRs. 5 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: The knee injury appears to be more serious than people think.  It is a bad rule to try to acquire a player who is not 100%, look at all the Michael Pineda owners out there who got burned.





*An article comes out every Sunday giving you the top waiver wire adds for the week.




Here are a few players that could be mentioned if they continue their hot play.


Bryan LaHair: Last 8 Games (.375 Average. 2 HRs. 7 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: He is the cleanup hitter, and he has HRs in back-to-back games.  I am convinced of his potential



Pedro Alvarez: Last 6 Games (.281 Average. 3 HRs. 4 RBIs)

Fantasy Take: I would own him if I need a 3B option.  His potential is very high on the keeper charts, and last season struggles seemed too bad to be real.  He is worth the flier.



James McDonald: Season (2.78 ERA. 1.01 WHIP. 14 Ks in 22.2 INN)

Fantasy Take: His potential to be a great fantasy option is there.  For now, I would only use him in good matchups.  He has yet to get a W, and the opponents he has faced are a few NL West teams and the Phillies.  Keep an eye.



Alex Liddi: 5 Game Hitting Streak (.437 Average. 2 HRs. 4 RBIs. 1 SB)

Alex may be ready to take that step as the everyday 3B option for Seattle.  Right now if he continues to play like this he will get it.  This all could just be a hot streak.



Jason Hammel: Season (1.73 ERA. 1.00 WHIP. 3 Ws. 25 Ks in 26 INN)

Hammel has done everything he needs to officially impress me.  He pitched well against a talented Toronto team twice, and dominated a good White Sox offense with 10 Ks.  He has the potential to be a great fantasy player all season long.





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