FANTASY BASEBALL Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 25th)


Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 25th)

By Muntradamus


Finally my Lock gives me a W, thank you Josh Beckett.

I have now tied my season high for most consecutive saves, can Hector Santiago set my record.

Staying undeafted in my bench’em picks, now 4-0.




Wednesday 4/25
(All Records are for the week)



Matt Holliday @ CHC


Monday: Mike Moustakas vs. Tor – (2-4) 2B
Tuesday: Cody Ross @ Min- (0-4) RBI



Sleeper of the Day: (0-2) 8.2 INN. 12 ER. 6 Ks.

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss


Bronson Arroyo vs. SF – Arroyo is coming off of two great road performances against the Nationals, and the Cardinals.  The Giants offense is not doing so well outside of Posey and the semi-hot Pablo Sandoval.  I expect Arroyo to get this W and get my sleeper pick going again.

Monday: Jair Jurrjens @ LAD – 3 INN. 5 ER. O Ks

Tuesday: Bud Norris @ Mil- 5.2 INN. 7 ER. 6 Ks



Guess That Save of the Day: (2-0)

Longest Streak= 3W.    Current Streak= 3W.


Hector Santiago @ Oak- Not guaranteed he will convert the save, but I expect Sale and Parker to make the game close enough where he will be needed.  I will try to get my longest streak of the season, last time I was at three games was the first three games to start the season.


Francisco Cordero @ KC (S) – I expect Chen to keep the score close enough where Cordero will have to come in and save the game.  Twice in two days.
Henry Rodriguez @ SD (S) – Gio will outpitch Richard, which in return will lead to a H-Rod save.  Keep my two game streak alive.


Locks: (1-2)
*Anything but a Win, is a loss for my record.

1. Cole Hamels @ AZ – Hamels is pitching too well to let an injured not so hot D-Backs offense do damage.  If Hamels can get passed Kubel, Hill, and Upton then it will be easy breezy.


Start’em: (7-2)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss


2. Lance Lynn @ CHC – Lynn should dominate a Cubs team that really has no hot hitters.  Lynn has an ERA under 1.00 and he has already beat the Cubs this season.  Chris Volstad will be an easy matchup.

3. Jordan Zimmerman @ SD – If you are a good pitcher, and you face the Padres.  Then you have to count on a good game.  Zimmerman meets the criteria, so you should put him in without hesitation.

4. Chris Sale @ Oak – Sale has been pitching very well this season, and now faces an Oakland offense that does have much going outside of Yoenis Cespedes.  I expect Sale to beat Parker in his debut.


5. Ubaldo Jimenez vs. KC – This is the game that will defy Ubaldo as a fantasy starter.  He should win tonight, but it will not be easy as Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer are heating up.  I think Ubaldo pulls it out.

6. Clay Buchholz @ Min – Clay should rejuvante his fantasy value with this game at Minny.  The Red Sox offense is hot, and he faces Hendricks which means a lot of run support.



50/50: (25-9)
*A QS or ND = Win.
*A Loss or Bad Start = A loss.

7. Felix Hernandez @ Det – Hard to ever bench King Felix, but this is a start where you may want to reconsider.  The Tigers offense is on the verge of breaking out.

8. Shaun Marcum vs. Hou – Houston is pretty hot, but Marcum should be able to limit them and get the run support he needs to get the W.  The only risk is Jose Altuve and company teeing off.


9. Brandon Beachy @ LAD – Beachy has looked like a fantasy ace so far this season, and if he can shutdown a Dodger team that has their stars struggling a bit, then a W is in store.

10. C.J. Wilson @ TB – Wilson will need to hope for run support, because it will be hard to shutout this red-hot Ray team.  Almost everyone is heating up.

11. Jhoulys Chacin @ Pit
– Chacin could turn the corner in his disappointing season with a good start against a weak Pirates team.  If he does not pitch well, it is going to be hard to find any reason to put him in your lineup anytime soon.

12. Mark Buehrle @ NYM –
Marky Mark is thriving pitching in the NL, and now faces a cold Mets team that does not have much going on.  I expect a QS no doubt for Buehrle.


13. Jeremy Hellickson vs. LAA – No K Hellickson should be able to keep his good season going against an ICE COLD Angels team.  If Jeremy does give up a hit parade to the Angels, then you can expect a downfall to happen shortly.

14. Juan Nicaso vs. Pit –
Nicaso has the chance to make some fantasy noise with this start.  However a bad start in this one and you can just forget about him for now.


15. J.A. Happ @ Mil – The Astros are swinging the hot bats lately, but it will be key for that to happen against Marcum in order for Happ to get the W.  He has been solid, but pitching in Milwaukee is not easy.  Too many buts if you ask me.


16. Trevor Cahill vs. Phi – Cahill has a tough matchup against Cole Hamels, but he could pitch well against a mediocre Phillies team.  However Josh Collmenter got just about all of their bats some extra confidence.

17. Ted Lilly vs. Atl –
I expect Lilly’s ERA to jump north of 2.00 when this one is done.  0.69 is just too low for Teddy.

18. Barry Zito @ Cin –
Zito looks like he is going to have one of those seasons, a season where he becomes fantasy relevant.   Pitching a good game on the road against a hot Reds team will go along way in that statement.

19. Kyle Drabek @ Bal –
Drabek is great with an ERA at 2.00.  What is not great is his low K-Rate, and that is a key in beating this Oriole team that has a hot Matt Wieters.

20. Jarrod Parker vs. CWS – Debut against a hot Adam Dunn.  Not the safest start, but he could surprise.

21. Jason Hammel vs. Tor – Hammel is pitching great so far this season looking like a fantasy starter everyone should own.  If he can beat the Bluejays and look good doing it, then people will be adding him quick.

22. Phil Hughes @ Tex –
Hughes owners can only hope for run support, because it is not likely you get a QS in this one.


23. Chris Volstad vs. STL – Not likely a good start, but we have seen more surprising events this season.

24. Charles Morton vs. Col – Tulo and CarGo are heating up quickly for the Rockies.  That is enough to avoid using Pirates pitchers.  Throw in the lack of run support, and you are hoping to the extreme.

25. R.A. Dickey vs. Mia – Dickey was not so hot in his last start against the Giants, and it is very possible he continues to get rocked.  You are really praying if you are hoping for the W in this one.

26. Scott Feldman vs. NYY – Feldman against the Yankees is not a good matchup.  The only reason he is 50/50 is because of the potential run support.

27. James McDonald vs. Col – Tulo and CarGo are heating up quickly for the Rockies.  That is enough to avoid using Pirates pitchers.  Throw in the lack of run support, and you are hoping to the extreme.

28. Kyle Weiland vs. Was – I do not trust any SD pitchers not named Edinson Volquez, or Cory Luebke.

29. Adam Wilk vs. Sea – This start does not seem as easy as it looks.  The Mariners offense blasted Scherzer, and I would much rather trust Scherzer than Wilk anyday of the week.

*A Loss for the SP=a win for my record.
*A Win for the SP= a loss for my record.
*IF NO WIN/LOSS=QS is a Loss for my record.  Bad Start is a Win for my record.

30. Luke Hocheaver @ Cle –
Luke has not done anything to impress me this season, I would not start him on the road against one of the better surprise offenses in baseball.

31. Lance Hendriks vs. Bos
– Hendriks will not last against a hot Red Sox team.  Do not start him.



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