FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 20th)


Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 20th)

By Muntradamus


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Another day I pick the HR pick of the day.  Can I make it three in a row?  First Han-Ram, then Curtis Granderson hits 3!

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Friday 4/20
(All Records are for the week)


HR PICK OF THE DAY: (1-2)  6-17, 4 HR, 6 RBIs, 6 Ks

J.P. Arencibia @ KC

Sleeper of the Day: (2-2) 22.2 INN. 12 ER. 9 K (ERA 4.84)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

Carlos Zambrano @ Was – The great Zambrano takes his show on the road to Washington.  The Nationals offense is not much of a threat right now, and Zambrano is pitching the best he has in sometime.  I expect an excellent start.  He should be (2-0) but Heath Bell blew both of his games.


Guess That Save of the Day: (1-3)

Longest Streak= 3W.    Current Streak= 1W.

Jonathan Papelbon @ SD

Locks: (3-7)
*Anything but a Win, is a loss for my record.
1. Matt Moore vs. Min – This game looks great on paper for Moore.  He goes up against Hendriks who you are probably thinking who..And the Twins are not a good team to begin with.  The Rays offense is heating up as well, too much is in favor for this matchup.

Start’em: (12-3)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

2. Cole Hamels @ SD –
Hamels in San Diego sounds like a dream matchup.  If Vance Worley can record 11 Ks, then Hamels should be able to come pretty close.

3. Lance Lynn @ Pit – Lynn is pitching amazing this season with an ERA under 1.00.   The Pirates have no offense outside of McCutchen, and the Cardinals offense is red hot.  This matchup is too good to be true.

4. Ubaldo Jimenez @ Oak – Ubald should have a dominant game against a weak A’s team that has nobody besides Yoenis hitting the ball well.  This is a big to see if he is going to be a consistent pitcher this season.

5. Brandon Beachy @ AZ – Beachy has been pitching great this season, and the D-Backs offense is in a huge slump and is without their best player Chris Young.  I expect another dominant performance from Beachy.

6. Chris Sale @ Sea – Sale has a lot of potential to be a must-start pitcher more often than not.  This is a good start to show how valuable he is, hopefully he does not let his owners down.

50/50: (40-17)
*A QS or ND = Win.
*A Loss or Bad Start = A loss.


7. Shaun Marcum vs. Col – Marcum has been pitching well enough where he should dominate a Rockies team that is not doing so well as of late.

8. Kyle Drabek @ KC – Drabek has to prove that ERA is for real now that is under 2.00.  The Royals should be an easy start for Kyle, because without the ERA he is not a great fantasy option with his low K rate.

9. Edinson Volquez vs. Phi – Volquez should be a solid pitcher all season long, I like him to have a dominant start but get a loss.

10. Barry Zito @ NYM – Zito usually has odd seasons like this where he all of a sudden pitches well.  The Mets are not much of a threat, and I expect Zito to get the job done.

11. Ivan Nova @ Bos – Nova is pitching lights out to start the season, and pitching the same way against Boston in Boston will make him Must-Own in all leagues.

12. Ricky Porcello vs. Tex – Big game for Porcello to prove his fantasy worth.  If he holds Texas, everybody will add him.

13. JA Happ vs. LAD – If Happ wants to make a fantasy baseball name for himself, pitching well against the Dodgers is a necessity.

14. Jonathan Niese vs. SF – Niese is one of the surprise pitchers so far this season, pitching against SF does bode well for a good matchup.

15. Trevor Cahill vs. Atl – Cahill needs to win this one for the D-Backs, if he does not then the downward season will continue.

16. Ted Lilly @ Hou – Nice spot start option if you need one.  Lilly should get the job done against Houston.  Keep in mind the Astros are coming off a game where they rocked Edwin Jackson.

17. Graham Godfrey vs. Cle – The only reason he is ranked this high is because of the matchup.  The Indians offense is not too much of a threat, and if Godfrey proves otherwise he will drop a tier.

18. Clay Buchholz vs. NYY – Buchholz is an incredibly risky start today, and if he pitches well he will move up the ranks quickly.

19. Brain Matusz @ LAA – If there was ever a time to start Matusz against the Angels, it would be now with how much they are struggling.

20. Matt Harrison @ Det – This is a big game for Harrison to prove his worth if he can beat the Tigers in Detroit.

21. Jhoulys Chacin @ Mil – Rough start of the season gives me little confidence in using him today.  He could end up with W.

22. Jerome Williams vs. Bal – If the Angels were hitting the ball better, I would consider moving him up this list.


*A Loss for the SP=a win for my record.
*A Win for the SP= a loss for my record.
*IF NO WIN/LOSS=QS is a Loss for my record.  Bad Start is a Win for my record.


23. Hector Noesi vs. CWS – No way I would even consider starting Noesi.

24. Charlie Morton vs. Stl- The Cardinals are too hot of a team to consider going with Charlie.

25. Ross Detwiler vs. Mia – He is still out to fool me, but I still do not buy into the Detwiler ERA under 3.00 club.

26. Lance Hendriks @ TB – This is a start where I would not think about adding Hendriks.  Not like I would in the first place.

27. Luke Hochevar vs. Tor – Toronto’s offense should be ready to club the ball all game long.

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