FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 13th)

FANTASY BASEBALL: Daily Pitcher Rankings (April 13th)

By Muntradamus


Chris Capuano made my sleeper pick look good.  Brian Wilson got me my save, and Dan Haren ruined my perfect week of Start’em pitchers.

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Friday 4/13
(All Records are for the week)

Sleeper of the Day: (3-1) 22.2 INN. 23 Ks. 8 ER. 2 Win.

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

Clayton Richard @ LAD
– Richard already dominated the Dodgers earlier this season with 7 shutout INN.  The Dodgers offense has made a lot of bad pitchers look good this season, and Richard is certainly better than bad, so this will be a nice sleeper start.  Run support will be key, I expect at least 6 Ks.



Guess That Save of the Day: (2-2)

Longest Streak= 3W.    Current Streak= 1W. 

Heath Bell vs. Hou


Locks: (4-5)
*Anything but a Win, is a loss for my record.

1. Cliff Lee vs. NYM-
Like the Mets have any chance of hitting Cliff Lee..

2. Felix Hernandez vs. Oak– Hernandez will make his 3rd start against Oakland this season.  He should be 2-0 now, but he will be after this start.  Oakland does not have enough hot hitters to make a difference.

Start’em: (13-1)

*A QS or W= Win
*A Bad Start or Loss= Loss

3. Matt Cain vs. Pit-
If Cain get rid of McCutchen then he should have no problems dominating a team that let Chris Capuano look like an great starter.

4. Adam Wainwright vs. CHC- The Cubs are pretty hot right now, but Wainwright should be able to cool them down as the Cubs are finally away from Wrigley.

5. Brandon Morrow vs. BalThe Orioles are not a hot team, and Morrow is coming off maybe his best start in some time with a 7 INN shutout against the Indians.  At home against Tommy Hunter, Morrow should be on his A game.

6. Matt Harrison vs. Min– Minnesota had a great series against the Angels beating Weaver and Haren.  Harrison should get his run support, and that should be enough for the W.

7. Max Scherzer @ CWS- Scherzer will have the offense behind him to win this game, the question is will he have the control to control it?  The answer is not for sure, but I like his chances to muscle out the victory.

8. Ricky Nolasco vs. Hou- The Marlins offense is pretty cold right now, but Nolasco should be able to keep up his hot pitching and pull out a victory against an overachieving Astros offense.  If Carlos Lee and J.D. Martinez give Nolasco problems, then he could be a problem all season.



50/50: (34-10)
*A QS or ND = Win.
*A Loss or Bad Start = A loss.

9. Jordan Zimmerman vs. Cin– The Reds offense has no hot hitters right now, but the Nationals offense is not looking so hot right now.  Zimmerman has the pitching matchup he wants against Arroyo, the question is the run support.

10. David Price @ Bos- Price has lights out potential, and if he shows against Boston after doing it to NYY, then he becomes matchup proof right out of the gates.

11. Daniel Hudson @ Col– This matchup is not as easy as people think.  Nicaso has quality stuff, and the Rockies offense does have some momentum off of their nice series against poor SF pitching.  Hudson should get the W, but it will not come easy.

12. Jair Jurrjens vs. Mil- Jurrjens feels good on your skin, and should be solid on the mound.  The Braves offense should be able to muster out a few runs to make it easy for W #1.

13. Josh Beckett vs. TB- Beckett was bombed by the Tigers, and now faces the Rays.  It is hard to bench him with that offense, but the matchup against David Price seems like a good matchup to avoid.  You never know though as the Red Sox offense has the power to beat any pitcher.

14. Hiroki Kuroda vs. LAA- I would pass on the Kuroda train until I see one QS.  This could be a nice matchup as the Angels struggled to do anything against pitchers like Carl Pavano.

15. Derek Lowe @ KC– KC has not been the hottest team in baseball, but their offense has been getting the job done.  The big hitters were loud against the Angels, but then quiet against Oakland.  I expect Lowe to keep them quiet one more time.

16. James McDonald @ SF- James McDonald has a nice matchup.  Could be a QS.  In that matchup he faces Melky Cabrera, and Pablo Sandoval.  With a K K here, and  BB BB here.  There a run, there a run. James McDonald is a risky start.  Who could really pay off.

17. R.A. Dickey @ Phi- Dickey could upset the fantasy baseball world with a W.  Philly does not bring a huge offense into this game, but Cliff Lee does bring a huge arm.  A QS is in line, but a win will be tough.

18. Bronson Arroyo @ Was- The start looks okay on paper, but Arroyo is no lock to beat a Nationals team.  The pitching matchup against Jordan Zimmerman does not go in his favor despite how weak the Nationals offense has been.  The QS is possible, the win will be tough.

19. Juan Nicaso vs. AZ- Nicaso is going to look to build off to his hot start on the season.  AZ’s offense has been struggling as Justin Upton is hitting .111.  Nicaso could pull off the upset.

20. Ervin Santana @ NYY- If Santana wants to make a lot of noise, he will win this start against the Yankees in NY.  Santana was lousy against the Royals to open up the season which is not a good sign going into this game.

21. Aaron Harang vs. SD– Harang faces his former team for the second time, his stuff is very hittable and Richard is not an easy opponent.  It will take a mega vintage Harang game to get this W.

22. Randy Wolf @ Atl– Wolf is an excellent sleeper in this matchup, but Atlanta could come out hot as they did in the Astros series.  Wolf does not have his A game yet, so you can count on a ND or loss in this one.

23. Lucas Harrell @ Mia- Harrell was great against the Rockies, and now faces a cold Marlins offense.  He could surprise everyone and somehow end up with a W.  I am expecting a bad start.

24. Bartolo Colon @ Sea- Colon makes his 3rd start against Seattle.  By now they know what they are going to face, which makes Colon very vulnerable at this point.

25. Jake Peavy vs. Det- Peavy is due to blow up after somehow being okay in his 1st start against Texas.  If he can be good against Texas and Detroit, then he may be worth adding sooner than later.

26. Luke Hocheaver vs. Cle– Cleveland will score runs against KC.  Luke has been solid so far this season, but it is hard to imagine him being consistent and going to 2-0 on the season, but there has been crazier.


Bench’em: (14-9)
*A Loss for the SP=a win for my record.
*A Win for the SP= a loss for my record.
*IF NO WIN/LOSS=QS is a Loss for my record.  Bad Start is a Win for my record.

27. Jeff Samardzija @ Stl-
Jeff was great in his 1st start against the Nationals.  Pitching in the big STL is not like pitching in front of your home crowd against a weak offense.  I would bench him for this start as he has a lot to prove.

28. Tommy Hunter @ Tor– Toronto just may be too much for Tommy to handle after he was able to manhandle the Twins.  The Blue Jays offense is due for a monster game, and Tommy is due to blowup with a bad start.  I like the chances for a Loss.

29. Anthony Swarzak vs. Tex– Swarzak will have a tough matchup against a very good Texas lineup.  Matt Harrison is pitching well to start the season, so there is no lock that Minnesota gives Anthony any run support.  One bad INN and the game is over for Twins fans.

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