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The Closer Position is a Position that generates a very similar pattern year after year. There will be a group of pitchers who you can consider in the BEAST ELITE category that always finish at the top of the game (40+ Saves). There is a group that gets the job done on a consistent basis with (30+ Saves). Then there is the Waiver Wire Group where you will see new closers appear throughout the year, this group can get you 20+ Saves if you get your season right.

While it is never a bad idea to load up on the 40+ Save Guys, it is always a good idea to find those sleeper 30+. Year after Year on FantasyPros I target the best closers, most notable of them all was Fernando Rodney leading the MLB in Saves a few years back as a ‘Jason’ Marquis sleeper closer.

This year one of those candidates is closing for the Detroit Tigers, Shane Greene.

Shane Greene used to be a starter for the New York Yankees in 2014. The thing that stood out the most about Shane Greene is how much movement he would get on his pitchers. As a starter there would be nights Greene would get as many as 10 Strikeouts.

This reminds me Octavoi Dotel, who did end up finishing his career as a Detroit Tiger. Dotel was once a starter for the first two years of his career. After struggling to get through orders more than once or twice around, the Astros converted Dotel into a closer, which allowed him to pitch for 15 Years where he ended up with 109 career saves.

Shane has battled heart problems and arm problems in 2015 & 2016. Finally in 2017 Greene was healthy and he put up amazing numbers, especially to close out the season.

August + September 2017

As a closer that is an ERA around 2.50 with more Strikeouts than Innings Pitched. To add fire to the flame, 9/10 in Save Opportunities which would come out to 27/30 over the course of a full season.

The Detroit Tigers are no longer built as a team that can blow other teams out. JD Martinez/Ian Kinsler/Justin Upton are no longer part of this squad, which means the Tigers are a team that will not score 5+ Runs very often, which means there will be a lot of save opportunities for the Tigers.

Shane Greene is a very highupside closer in Fantasy Baseball this season, and FantasyPros Experts have him ranked the #287 Player overall, and the #33 Closer in Fantasy Baseball. Shane Greene has the chance to put up Top 10 Numbers as the position and will be available at the end of every draft.

DRAFT SHANE GREENE as a Dominant Closer in Fantasy Baseball.

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