Fantasy Baseball: BEASTS OF WEEK 11

Fantasy Baseball: BEASTS OF WEEK 11

By Muntradamus



Thank you for your patience as the site continues to grow.  this article has two purposes.


1) Hottest Hitters. (Helps with lineup decisions/Free Agent Plug-In Options)

Each week I will start off with all the hot hitters, based off of how I have seen the player play over this past week.  If you look at the stats of each player, you will see the potential I see.  This is good tool for that tough lineup dilemma, or a possible plug-in-play for your fantasy team off the waiver wire.


2) Hottest Hitting Teams. (Helps with Pitching match-ups)

After I rank the hottest hitters by position, I then do the power-rankings of the hottest teams.  You should use that tool to figure out which pitchers to use in this upcoming week.


This week on days that I played in DRAFTSTREET, I will be putting up my picks:

(You can play for Free if you don’t want to risk cash)

Fantasy Baseball


BEASTS OF (10) Who are ready for Week (11):

*Ranked in order



Mike Maldonado (SOLID Short-Term Option)

Russell Martin

Ryan Doumit

Mike Napoli

Carlos Santana

Miguel Montero



Mark Trumbo

Adam Dunn

Paul Goldschmidt

Albert Pujols

Joey Votto

Prince Fielder

Adam LaRoche

David Ortiz

Paul Konerko

Mark Teixeira

Jim Thome



Jason Kipnis

Gordon Beckham

Ian Kinsler

Robinson Cano

Ben Zobrist

Jose Altuve

Dan Uggla

Danny Espinosa

Yuneskiy Betancourt (Solid Deep Option)

Ryan Theriot

Howie Kendrick



Alex Rodriguez

Brett Lawrie

Adrian Beltre

Brandon Inge



Jed Lowrie

Starlin Castro

Dee Gordon

Trevor Plouffe

Ian Desmond

Mike Aviles

Marco Scutaro



Torii Hunter

Carlos Gonzalez

Jose Bautista

Carlos Beltran

Mike Trout

Tyler Colvin

Hunter Pence

Alfonso Soriano

Corey Hart

Josh Hamilton

Jason Kubel

Ryan Braun

Curtis Granderson

Rajai Davis

Brennan Boesch

Ben Revere

Norichika Aoki

Colby Rasmus




*Number in “(#)” is their ranking from last week.

1 (6). Los Angeles Angels

2 (1). Texas Rangers

3 (5). Colorado Rockies

4 (11). New York Yankees

5 (2). Chicago White Sox

6 (7). St. Louis Cardinals

7 (14). Toronto Blue Jays

8 (12). Boston Red Sox

9 (24). Baltimore Orioles

10 (16). Cleveland Indians

11 (23). Oakland Athletics

12 (8). Atlanta Braves

13 (4). Detroit Tigers

14 (3). Cincinnati Reds

15 (9). Miami Marlins

16 (10). Seattle Mariners

17 (15). Minnesota Twins

18 (21). Washington Nationals

19 (22). Philadelphia Phillies

20 (13). Houston Astros

21 (20). Arizona Diamondbacks

22 (17). Kansas City Royals

23 (19). Milwaukee Brewers

24 (25). Tampa Bay Rays (Can only hit RHP pitching)

25 (26). Los Angeles Dodgers

26 (18). New York Mets

27 (30). Chicago Cubs

28 (27). Pittsburgh Pirates

29 (28). San Francisco Giants

30 (29). San Diego Padres

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