By Muntradamus


Wil Myers has had an interesting career to say the least. He was one of the top prospects in baseball sitting with the Rays, but struck out way too often. So he was shipped to death valley in San Diego where the fences are very far away. In San Diego he proved that his power bat was more than enough to make an impact no matter the ball park hitting 58 HRs in two seasons combined going into 2018. Last season, Myers had multiple stins on the DL and finished with 11 HRs in 83 games.

First thing when you look at Myers career, he strikes out a lot. You can almost guarantee he will strikeout every game. Despite that his batting average of around .250 is more than enough to keep you in contention with that category.

However things could be different this year. With Manny Machado on the squad, and a full year of Eric Hosmer batting in front of him. Those two guys can setup a lot of crucial RBI opportunities for Wil the Thrill. The RBI count has never reached triple digits, but this year that can change for the first time. With more on the line and every at bat meaning more, Myers will not be swinging for the fence every single pitch, and that could be just what the doctor ordered.

What makes Myers such a unique underrated talent, is his ability to steal bases. San Diego is not afraid to give him the Green Light and looking at his potential under the miscroscope, you cannot rule out a 30 HR/30 SB Season. San Diego is in contention to be winning more games this year, and Myers is only 28 Years Old still in his prime.

When you add to the fact that Myers Qualifies at 3B and OF, with 30 HR/30 SB potential to go with 100 RBIs. Now we are thinking one of the early Draft Picks to go after this year. When I tell you his ADP is #101. That means he is worth a 8th Round Draft Pick in just about every league.

While Myers has only hit 30 HRs just once in his career, his stroke looks like a guy who can hit 40+ with his big power swing.

Wil the Thrill, you are the 3B/OF Selection that all BEAST DOME followers should target.

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