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Fantasy Baseball is not a marathon. It is not a sprint. It is a life sentence.

If you read this entire article, not only will you be ready to BEAST your Fantasy Baseball Season. You will teleport yourself to a Fantasy Baseball King. Why am I giving away the Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide for Free when you will see me in Daily Fantasy Baseball Tournaments using my own information? Because I am trusting in God’s plan.

First before we look at what to do, here are the team by team previews for this season.




Yankees have strong bats all around the lineup, including a ton of depth. Judge and Stanton will be monsters, and everyone else can hit deep and get on base. Yankees offense is going to be explosive again.

Yankees pitching staff looking stronger than ever. Rodon was a huge add, if Montas was healthy it would not even be fair. Still the pitching staff is deep. Holmes should continue to be a save monster, Yankees are going to win a ton of games.


Blue Jays got better on offense with Varsho, and Belt could be a nice addition. However this offense relies on Vladdy/Springer and Bichette to be the consistent ones. If Matt Chapman goes back to his best baseball, this offense will be dangerous.

Amazing pitching staff, Berrios and Ryu need to turn back the clock a couple years, but the rest of the squad can pitch. Manoah or Gausman can compete for Cy Young, Romano will get a ton of saves.


The squad from last year is back again. Lots of great young talent and a lot of guys worth going after in Fantasy. Cedric Mullins should set the table all season long for Mountcastle/Rutsch/Santander and more. Adam Frazier and Ryan O’Hearn were nice under the radar moves.

Kyle Gibson and Cole Ervin are two solid starters they added in Free Agency, but might not survive AL East pitching. Bullpen is not great either and the rest of the starting staff is nothing to write home about. The Orioles pitching could fail them to make the playoffs.


Boston stacked themselves up with a lot of good/average hitters. Justin Turner/Yoshida/Allen/Goodrum/Mondesi and more. Definitely feels like a rebuild with Devers as the main piece.

Boston’s pitching staff is old and very thin in depth. One or two bad seasons from these guys or an injury, and the pitching will fall apart. Kenley Jansen should get a good amount of saves due to the fact that the Red Sox will only win close games.


Rays offense is not great, but all together they can put up good numbers. Brandon Lowe needs a comeback season, and he is capable of it. Wander Franco still needs to show he is a BEAST.

Pitching staff is great led by Mclanahan/Glasnow and a bunch of spot starters that will keep them competitive. Fairbanks should get a ton of saves if he keeps it together, the starters and deep pen will give him opportunities.




Twins have a strong offense with a lot of good young superstars and proven veterans. Gallo and Christian Vazquez were two strong adds. Twins offense will be hitting all year. Buxton is always a threat to be something special, Correa needs a breakout year.

Amazing pitching staff adding Pabolo Lopez was a big move. Twins will be winnning a lot of games and that ball park is going to help. Ryan/Gray/Mahle all strong. Jorge Lopez should get a lot of saves, but Jhoan Duran the setup man might be the best in the MLB.


Josh Bell was a solid add, however this team is still centered around Jose Ramirez and guys that can get on base. Would be nice to see Josh Naylor reach his big HR potential, the Indians definitely need it. Lots of RBI opportunities as this lineup can hit.

Solid pitching staff, but maybe a bit overrated. Bieber is a stud, but McKenzie/Quantrill/Civale all seem like they pitched their best baseball last season. Everyone is good, but they need their pitchers to be great to make the playoffs. Clase is one of the best closers in the game.


Without Jose Abreu, a rebuild looks to be in store, however they kept pretty much the same roster besides him on offense. A healthy season of Luis Roberts will help, and even Tim Anderson healthy is big. Eloy will have to take over in the power department as they are going to be relying on a lot of crucial hitting to score runs instead of the big fly.

White Sox pitching is great and that will keep this team competitive. Kendricks will get a lot of saves when he is healthy, but Graverman is the guy to grab early on. Cease/Giolitto/Lynn/Clevinger is a solid rotation.


Royals are going in the wrong direction as a Franchise, at least they have Salvador Perez to be the king. It is really going to be on Bobby Witt Jr. to get on base for this team, because everyone else is very unreliable. Royals will not be the team they once were. Melendez is a BEAST and Franmil Reyes could be a strong play if they play him everyday.

Aroldis Chapman will be closing games for a team that will barely win, which is good for him. Pitching staff is not great, and they will lose a lot of games. However having Salvy Perez at catcher always helps.


Definitely a rebuild is the play for the Tigers. Baez should not be on this team again, but here he is. Torkelson is their future stud, and Austin Meadows is their big trade piece. Tigers are not going anywhere this year and there is no point for them to pretend like they are.

Pitching staff is not good, and the Tigers will lose a lot of games. Bullpen by committee.




Adding Jose Abreu was a huge move. His bat in that lineup is going to lead to monster numbers everywhere for everyone. He gets on base, he knocks them in. Altuve will be a runs stud, Bregman/Alvarez/Brantley/Pena and Tucker. Lots of bats, Astros are going to score a lot of runs.

Astros have a proven pitching staff that knows how to win. The Astros will score enough runs for the pitchers to get the wins every game while Pressley picks up all the saves.


Angels are ready to compete. If Brandon Drury/Hunter Renfroe/Jared Walsh and Anthony Rendon can reach their Max Potential with Trout/Ohtani doing their thing. Angels offense is not bad this season.

Tyler Anderson is a great addition, but the rest of the staff is not great. Look for a closer by committee in a not very good bullpen. The bullpen is going to let them down and that will be the end of the season.


Julio Rodriguez is ready for a breakout season, Teoscar was a great addition, Wong and Pollock good role players. Mariners offense will not let them down last season, a lot of big bats return with France and Suarez, but Haniger is gone.

Pitching staff is solid, lots of win very deep rotation. Sewald will be strong in the save department, Mariners will be winning games.


Rangers offense is still relying on the same bats last year that did not take them to the Playoffs. They can hit with Marcus/Seager/Lowe/Garcia, but they are not automatic every game.

DeGrom was the big add, but the rest of the pitching staff is hittable. Eovaldi/Heaney/Gray show they are trying to get better. LeClerc will get a nice amount of saves as the Rangers compete.


Oakland is in more of a rebuild than any team in the game. Not one star,nor a player who would start for pretty much any team. Going to be a bad time, this team has to move.

Pitching staff is not horrible, but the offense is so bad that none of these starters can put up good season with this team. Trevor May should get some saves, but Oakland is not winning a lot of games.



Stanton and Judge are surrounded by a ton of hitters who can hit the ball all over the ballpark. The pitching staff is amazing as well, and if Montas was healthy it would be game over. Still an amazing bullpen and a lot of starters that can do the job easily. Yankees bats are too deep, Yankees will dominate.



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