By Muntradamus



Close your eyes (But Read). Imagine you drafted a catcher who has the power to hit 30+ Homeruns on any MLB team. Now imagine that catcher played for the Rockies in that thin Colorado air. Now imagine that catcher is getting benched for a weak switch hitting option who can hit the ball, but he does not have a lot of power.

If you are still with me, I am talking about Nick Hundley who is the starting catcher for the Rockies right now. Wilin Rosario who has always been a BEAST DOME legend is sitting on the sidelines. Coach Weiss is sticking with his guns and trying to make a bold move by saying Rosario is not as good as Nick Hundley who has has played nearly double the amount of MLB games Rosario has played, yet still trails him by a good margin in total Homeruns.

The question is this. What do I do about Wilin Rosario, do I waive him for Hundley?


Here are the options.

#1. If you are in a Deep league and there is plenty of Waiver Wire Depth at Catcher, where Hundley is like the 4th or 5th guy, keep sticking with Rosario until he gets his 1st MLB start. Could happen Wednesday, will happen soon. Let us see how Rosario does in that game. Based off of that game, see if he gets a start again the very next day.

If this trend is not looking good and Rosario returns straight to the bench. It is unfortunately time to cut bait with him as there is no point in rostering a player who is not playing everyday. I do guarantee you this. Once Rosario does get everyday action, because he will. Wilin Rosario will still end up with 20+ Homeruns on the season.

#2. If you are in a Shallow League that rosters a lot of players and Nick Hundley is the only real catching option on the wire. The play is to find a way to keep both, but make the move instantly. Nick Hundley is hitting .444 in 2 games, and while it is 2 games, it is the type of start that will make Rosario have to perform to win the job. Keep Rosario, he will eventually get it.

While many of the BEAST DOME NATION is shocked that Wilin Rosario is not playing everyday, he is still a BEAST who will eventually get his time to shine this 2015 season. If you do end up parting ways with Rosario, make sure to grab him again the second he plays everyday. Those 20+ HRs are still automatic this season when the consistent at-bats come.


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