Fantasy Baseball 2015 Hanley Being Hanley (#2 Pick)

Fantasy Baseball 2015

Hanley Being Hanley (#2 Pick)


By Muntradamus


We still have plenty of time before Fantasy Baseball gets going, but we are going to start the party early this season. Everyday from here on out, there will be Fantasy Baseball Content to get you ready to BEAST your league this 2014/15 season. The exact details and packages for VIP will be released at the end of the month. Most important of all. This Fantasy Baseball Season I will be releasing my brand new game which won 1st Place Innovative Fantasy Sports game at the FSTA this Fall.


The First and Only (patent) Daily Fantasy Baseball game where you set your batting order.

The website is getting a face lift and everything will be ready to go in BEAST MODE at the end of the month.

Without further to do. The very first Fantasy Baseball Article of the season.


Fantasy Baseball 2015

Hanley Being Hanley (#2 Pick)


By Muntradamus

The very first pick in every draft is Mike Trout. He is getting better every season and a 50 HR/20 SB campaign is not impossible for a player of his caliber. Mike Trout was ICE COLD for a good portion of the start of the season, yet he still ended up with 36 HR/115 RBI/111 Runs/16 SB/.287 average. Trout is going to be in the Hall of Fame and we have not even seen the best of his career as he is still 23 years old.

Once Trout is off the board the field opens up completely. The pick I will be making in this position is Hanley Ramirez day in and day out. If you are new to BEAST DOME, this may come as a surprise. If you are returning and you are taking Hanley Ramirez once again, you are still a little surprised considering how bad he was in 2013. Let us analyze why.

Getting hit on the hand with a 90+ mph fastball is going to fuck up your hand. You will never have the same grip you had the day before. You are also likely playing with that hand holding a bat the next day. Once a player gets in the hand, it will linger all season and those BEAST numbers will never be there. It will effect his groove and he will have to start over every time he gets hit in the hand again.


128 Games. 13 HR/74 RBI/64 Runs. 14 SB. .283 Average

If Hanley plays 162 Games and stays healthy with no hand problems. He likely ends up with 18 HR/85 RBI/75 Runs/18 SB. Those numbers are all-around okay. When you factor that Hanley is playing SS those numbers make him a semi-BEAST.


The first thing we should do is compare the ballparks from the AL East to the NL West.


COLORADO (Coors Field) – HR Heaven. #1 HR Ball Park in Baseball.

ARIZONA (Chase Field) – HR Ball Park only during the Summer.

SAN FRANCISCO (AT&T Ball Park) – BEST Pitcher Ball Park in Baseball.

SAN DIEGO (Petco Park) – #2 Pitcher Ball Park in Baseball.

LOS ANGELES (Dodger Stadium) – Top 5 Pitcher Ball Park in Baseball.


NEW YORK (Yankee Stadium) – HR Heaven. #2 HR Ball Park in Baseball.

TORONTO (Roger Centre) – Ball Flies in that Dome all year round.

BALTIMORE (Camden Yards) – Ask Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz what they think.

TAMPA BAY (Tropicana Field) – Ball Flies in that Dome all year round.

BOSTON (Fenway Park) – Hanley will hit the Green Monster every at bat.

Not only do you look at the ballparks. You also have to look up the makeups of these teams.

The NL West is built around small-ball baseball. Giants/Dodgers/Padres want to win games 3-1. The Diamondbacks want to win games in the 5-3 Range. The Rockies want to win games 9-6.

The AL East is built around power and scoring more runs. Yankees/Blue Jays/Orioles/Red Sox want to win slugfests every time they step on the field. The Rays are in complete re-build mode and will easily come in last place.

The NL West has pitchers like Clayton Kershaw/Madison Bumgarner/Andrew Cashner/Matt Cain.

The AL Easy has pitchers like Chris Tillman/Clay Buchholz/Tanaka/C.C. Sabathia/Alex Cobb.

The Dodgers last season never had any big juice going. Don Mattingly did a great job frustrating all the players which included benching Matt Kemp for nearly a month of the season. Only to see him be the BEAST MVP of the Fantasy Baseball Playoffs last season. Yasiel Puig carried the offense through the season, but players like Adrian Gonzalez did nothing in the 2nd half of the season. Matt Kemp did nothing until the last two months of the season. Hanley Ramirez never got his groove as he was getting hit by pitches on the hand everytime it seemed like he was over the last time it happened. Dee Gordon was solid, but now gone.

The Red Sox offense really struggled all season with injuries. Outside of Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz, there were no superstar consistent hitters and the team really struggled because of it. Now the Sox brought in Pablo Sandoval to build a very nice middle of the batting order. If all goes right, the batting order 2-6 will look like this.

#2. Dustin Pedroia

#3. David Ortiz

#4. Hanley Ramirez

#5. Pablo Sandoval

#6. Mike Napoli

To make this situation even better. Hanley is the projected cleanup hitter in what is arguably the best #2/#3/#4 in baseball today. When you factor in the worst pitching staffs Hanley will see, as well as the changing of leagues to a High-Scoring Shootout conference as opposed to a pitcher showdown conference. There is a great chance we can see Hanley Ramirez explode to the Monster Numbers we have been expecting all this time.


Hanley Ramirez Projected 2015 Season

.297 Batting Average. 32 HR. 121 RBI. 105 Runs. 22 SB.

One thing that will help all of this come true. Hanley Ramirez is going to be playing Left Field this season which will decrease his probability of getting injured. Jump on the bandwagon of the 31 Year Old Hanley Ramirez, did I mention he started his MLB Career with the Red Sox in 2005 going 0/2 with 2 Strikeouts. Time to show everyone how good he has become and prove he is the BEAST that got away.


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