By Muntradamus


The catcher position is a position that usually leads to below average numbers. Less than 20 HR’s, less than 80 RBIs, less than 70 Runs. All these numbers you would not see in your lineup at just about every other position.

Then bring in Gary Sanchez. One of the best power hitters in Major League Baseball, Gary Sanchez has the potential to hit for 40+ Home Runs, while easy knocking in 100+ RBIs as he is expected to bat somewhere near Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Runners on Base all day, not to mention a Softball field for a ball park in Yankee Stadium. The ball also flies out of Camden Yards (Baltimore) and Fenway (Red Sox).

Gary Sanchez is in a class of his own. Even with dealing with injuries and an injured bicept that held him out for over a month, Sanchez was still the Major League Leader for catchers in HRs and RBIs while batting .278. Gary Sanchez is a natural power slugger and is no doubt the #1 Catcher in Fantasy Baseball, but he is also no doubt the #1 Pick in Fantasy Baseball. At least to the Fantasy Owner that wants to win their league.

While some could argue Mike Trout or even Giancarlo Stanton for that spot as #1 overall, Sanchez is the #1 at a position where there really is no #2. Buster Posey offers 20+ HR upside and 90+ RBI potential with a .300+ batting average. However Sanchez has enough HRs + RBIs to combine for most MLB teams Middle Infielders x2. Sanchez is a difference maker at his position and for those in 1 catcher leagues, you automatically have the chance to have the best overall team with a player who could hit more HRs than any infielder in the game.

Look at Gary Sanchez as the Rob Gronkowski of Fantasy Baseball. He is by far the best catcher, like Gronk is the best TE. Sanchez can hit with numbers like any player in baseball, while Gronk can catch and get numbers like any WR in the game. The strategy worked like a gem for Football, and it will have your back for Baseball.

Right now his Expert Consensus Ranking is #31 on FantasyPros. Which means he should be around late 2nd/early 3rd in all Fantasy Leagues. Which means you have no excuse not to draft Gary Sanchez in the 1st Round, in some cases #1 Overall once people wake up.




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