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What’s there to say about Munt except BEAST! First time playing DFS for NBA and there is no better phrase than “started from the bottom, now we here.” Started with $100 in Fanduel and now I’m $1000 bank rolling. This was just 1-week of NBA picks!.
Just think about it…with Munt’s picks I knew I was in the money no matter what! I adopted the “Go for Broke” mentality because I had Munt’s BEAST picks. It was all-or-nothing the whole week and I went from small $50 50/50s to $109 50/50s, everyday it was ranking 3rd or higher in most of the 50/50s. Keep playing the daily fantasy cash games and you’ll start seeing the same names placing at the top, which I literally began to see the same names. However, now I’m part of them, top 3 or higher in most of my 50/50s.
There was one day of particular picks where it came down to 4 players in the last game and down over 160 points for payout! Where 3 of the 4 players were being played by all the top ranks and it came down to rooting for Harrison Barnes to outplay everyone else.
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Well you know what?! Not only did the 4 players get me over 160 points but in the last 2 minutes of the game Harrison pushed all my teams over the top and set me in payout to be placed in 3rd and 4th place!
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Even when you’re down 150+ points and 90% of your players are being played by all these top ranked daily users, all it takes is that 1 player from Munt that sets you apart and put you in the money! Literally from last to money!
Don’t get me wrong, reading these testimonials and taking action to be apart of this money is two different things. The cashing in money feeling wont be there until you really trust Munt, fully go with his picks, and most of all GO FOR BROKE!!! That all-or-nothing mentality where you just run your bank roll and play all the 50/50s you can play.
With my trust in Munt, my Go for Broke mentality set me from $100 to over $1000 in bank roll, and that’s just Fanduel alone… And just to prove it cause there’s always those “pic or it didn’t happen,” here you go a few screenshots from my FanDuel history.
William Ng
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