APRIL 30 2019

By Muntradamus


Nothing like a full slate of Baseball games. From top to bottom, we got action all-around the MLB. Instead of dilly dallying in this intro, lets get straight to the BEAST plays at every position. The salaries will be the FanDuel Salaries.

CATCHER – JT REALMUTO ($3400) vs. Tyson Ross

Realmuto is playing very well, and a pitcher like Tyson Ross does not have the stuff to get anything past him. Realmuto will spray the ball all over the field, and batting behind Harper/Hoskins and all the table setters on that team, there will sure to be RBI opportunities.

FIRST BASE – JUSTIN SMOAK ($3800) @ Griffin Canning

Imagine making your first every Major League start, and you have to go up against the huge intimidating Justin Smoak who knows where if you throw a pitch in his zone, he will crush it. Without knowing that zone too well as this will be the second hitter he ever faces in his career, expect that mistake pitch to happen, and expect Smoak to welcome Canning with his first major league HR allowed.

FIRST BASE – ERIC HOSMER ($3300) @ Julio Teheran

Hosmer has been playing his best baseball since his All-Star Days with Kansas City. Two HRs over the weekend, as well as a four game hitting streak. Teheran is another pitcher who is fading quickly, no longer has the juice on his pitches which made him a house hold fantasy name back in the 2016 range. Hosmer will get to Teheran, more than Teheran will get to Hosmer.

SECOND BASE – KIKE HERNANDEZ ($3300) @ Drew Pomeranz

Kike, do you love me? Will you hit a HR off Pomeranz? You have the matchup, his pitches are juicy, especially comig to a righty, who made his living hitting off soft lefties.

Thank you I will sign autographs afterwards, especially when Hernandez hits a shot.

SECOND BASE – ROUGNED ODOR ($2700) vs. Jordan Lyles

I know Lyles is having a great start to his season, but a matchup in Texas is not the type of matchup that has kept Jordan Lyles’ name relevant in Fantasy Baseball. The Rangers are also one of the hottest hitting teams after dominating Seattle pitching over the weekend. Odor’s return was a big reason for the onslaught, and Lyles does not have the junk in the trunk to get by the Rangers hitting. Odor will get a lot of runs and could end up with a dinger of his own.

THIRD BASE – JOSE RAMIREZ ($3700) @ Sandy Alcantara

While Alcantara can get his fastballs in the mid 90s, he also throws pitches right down the middle. The superstar Ramirez will take advantage of those pitches as he can catch up to everything. The best part about Jose’s game, if he does not get the HRs and RBIs, he will certainly be on the lookout to steal a base against the Marlins like he did last week against them.

THIRD BASE – RAFAEL DEVERS ($3100) vs. Dillion Brooks

Rafael Dever is coming off of a strong game with multiple hits and a lot of confidence. Brooks is not that strong of a pitcher, especially when he is in Boston. Expect Devers to continue his hit parade, and expect Devers to have runners on base when he is mashing all over the field.

SHORTSTOP – TREVOR STORY ($4600) @ Jhoulys Chacin

While Chacin knows how to get wins, he also knows how to give up HRs to really good players. Trevor Story is easily one of the most underrated players in Baseball and should have his name right there with Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinger. When it is all said and done in the career of Story, he can be the most dynamic HR/SB combo Shortstop in Fantasy Baseball history. Good luck Chacin.

SHORTSTOP – JEAN SEGURA ($3900) vs. Tyson Ross

Jean Segura is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Everytime he comes to bat, he is a threat to be a run. He gets on base with the best of them, and he hits the ball everywhere. Segura can leg out the triple, he can hit the HR, and despite being injured most of last week, he still showed on Sunday he can be a BEAST with a triple. Segura will get results.

OUTFIELD – BRYCE HARPER ($4800) vs. Tyson Ross

Wow Tyson Ross is in big trouble for this matchup. It is never an easy thing to go up against the hottest player in baseball not only with the bat but off the field as well. Bryce can easily send shots out of the stadium with every mistake he makes.

OUTFIELD – ADAM JONES ($3200) vs. CC Sabathia

Adam Jones has been teeing off on Sabathia for about the last 5 years dating back to the Orioles/Yankees matchups. Even without looking at the history of Jones vs. Sabathia, you can tell this matchup looks great as CC does not have the stuff to get past the hungry Adam Jones. In 90 At-Bats, Adam Jones has five HRs, which is enough to know he has Sabathia’s number.

OUTFIELD – JUAN SOTO ($4300) vs. Adam Wainwright

Wainwright has not been a good pitcher since what seems like 2014. He throws junk that cannot get a superstar out, and a big uppercut swing from Soto can easily send this ball to the upper deck. Wainwright is in trouble with every strike he throws to the young stud.

OUTFIELD – NOMAR MAZARA ($4000) vs. Jordan Lyles

Nomar found his stroke last week, and he is very happy to stay at home and go up against a righty who does not belong in Texas. Mazara will be able to see all of Lyles’ pitches very well and should end up with a very strong game with plenty of RBI opportunities.

OUTFIELD – YASIEL PUIG ($3300) @ Jason Vargas

Should we throw a parade for Puig making it on this list? Yasiel Puig has not had the best season so far to this point, hitting .200 with four HRs. However a juicy matchup against Jason Vargas who has not been Fantasy Relevant since days when I was still in college around 2010. Jason Vargas has no speed, and Puig loves lefties with no speed. The HR shot is definitely possible in this one.



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