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Sunday brings us the classic opening day feels of Baseball all day long. Sunday is a fun day, you can check your stats throughout from morning to evening and end up with different numbers. While every team is playing, we will only be focusing on the Main Slate.

FIRST BASE – JUSTIN SMOAK ($3900) vs. Chris Bassit

Smoak was one of the hottest 1B options in Fantasy Baseball last week, now he finds himself as one of the most forgotten 1B in Fantasy Baseball as he has not hit a HR since last weekend. You can blame it on the weird matchup against the Giants earlier in the week, regardless he gets a very friendly Bassit who does not have the speed to blow by the big bat of Smoak. Bassit is no lock in position to have a friendly game, especially on the road. I will say, while Smoak has been on the down swing, his price remains a little higher than I would like to see.

FIRST BASE – JUSTIN BOUR ($2600) @ Homer Bailey

Bour has been far from productive this season. If it was not for Chris Davis, people would be hating on Bour for his .176 average with 2 HRs on the season. While things are not looking good at the moment for Bour, he did hit a HR earlier this week against the Yankees, and Homer Bailey is far from a strong pitcher. If Homer can throw some hittable pitches to Bour in the power zone, do not be surprised to see the ball fly out of the yard.

SECOND BASE – HERNAN PEREZ ($2100) @ Steven Matz

Hernan Perez started the week off with a HR, then he lost his everyday PT to the fact that Moustakas is healthy enough to continue his BEAST season. With Shaw hitting the ball well, there is really nowhere for Perez to play. However when the Brewers face a lefty on a Sunday Morning where they will for sure rest either Moustakas or Shaw, Hernan Perez will get his opportunity to swing the bat.

THIRD BASE – JOSH DONALDSON ($4000) vs. Tyler Anderson

While Donaldson in Colorado would be a lot more appealing, this matchup is still very strong on paper. Donaldson has hit a Double or greater in 4 of the past 5 games, one of those games includes 2 HRs. Donaldson is seeing the ball very well, and Anderson is a lefty that can throw one right in the power zone. If there was ever a time to play Donaldson, this is it.

SHORTSTOP – JORGE POLANCO ($4200) vs. Dylan Bundy

The Price tag is a little high, especially considering that Polanco is 2 for his last 17, however the matchup is special. Bundy on the road is bound to get into trouble at some point, Polanco should be a cause of that either on the basepaths, or knocking in some runs. He can even do both. It is a high price to pay, but it can be worth the price of admission.


How can I talk about the best hitters of the day, and not include the easy front runner for MVP in Christian Yelich. Yelich is on fire, he has been on fire all season, it does not even matter a lefty is on the mound. Well it kind of matters as Yelich is hitting a mere .192 against them, but he has just as many HRs to At-Bats as he does against righties. Matz does not impress me, Yelich can hit bombs off of the best of them.

OUTFIELD – BRYCE HARPER ($4600) vs. Pablo Lopez

Last time Bryce was on my list, he hit a HR. This time he gets a semi tough matchup with Pablo Lopez, but Pablo definitely throws those fastballs up in the zone. If Lopez does not get enough movement on one of his elevated fastballs, Harper will smack a ball so far, the only thing you can say to yourself is. HOW DID I NOT PLAY HIM?!

OUTFIELD – RONALD ACUNA ($3800) vs. Tyler Anderson

Never would I ever, expect to see Acuna below $4000. When you pair that up with a hot swinging Acuna against a very friendly Left Handed Fastball pitcher in Tyler Anderson. You got yourself the chance to see some big fireworks. Acuna has a lot of skill, the type of skill that would make Acuna an automatic future 1st/2nd Round Pick in Fantasy Baseball. Since we are playing Daily Fantasy, that value right there below $4000 is too good not to take.

OUTFIELD – RYAN BRAUN ($2900) @ Steven Matz

Matz is not good enough to get a lot of good righties out these days. Going up against the veteran who has made his living hitting Lefties, Ryan Braun will sure to add to his line drive replays. Matz does not have the speed, nor does he have enough tricky-ness in his pitching to get by the big power Braun.

OUTFIELD – MAX KEPLER ($3200) vs. Dylan Bundy

Once upon a time, Dylan Bundy was a great pitcher. That story ends as quickly as it starts, on the road Bundy is a high liability, and if he wants a succesful game it all starts with getting Max Kepler out. Kepler ripped two bombs on Saturday, and if Bundy is not careful, Kepler can add to that total quickly.


Broxton’s season has not gone as expected so far. He started the year with 2 SBs in his first two games, then followed that up with a walk off single. Since then his playing time has been sporadic, he did not draw starts even when Brandon Nimmo was out, and he failed to deliever with the bases loaded and 2 outs, in a 1 run game against Hector Neris last week. With all that being said, expect to see Keon Broxton in the lineup for the Mets in this game, and he would love nothing more than to hit a HR against the team that traded him away.



While Matz has had an up and down season, this is a matchup he really cannot afford to be loose with. The Brewers have hitters from top to bottom of that squad, and they will be coming out swinging hard. There is no spots for Matz to let up.


While Dylan Bundy has had success against the Twins in his last start, it is never easy to do the same thing twice, especially on the road the second time. The Twins bats are one of the hottest in Baseball, and if the Orioles unravel quickly, than the rest of the bullpen will crumble together.


Homer Bailey has been better than expected this season at moments, but those are moments you can never take to the bank, deposit, and make a withdrawal on the same day. The Angels have some hot bats, do not be surprised to see them come to life.

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