CLIPPERS NATION: Fooled By The Media (2014)



If you read this article, you will erase yourself of the media brainwash with this Donald Sterling story.

The entire Clippers Nation has known for over 10 years that Donald Sterling is a Racist man, and now during the most crucial time in this Franchise’s history.  You are all crumbling like the Clippers have for the history of time.



By Muntradamus. April 28th, 2014.









From the Day I was born (1988) throughout the history of my life.  I bleed Purple and Gold as a Laker Fan, so does in it’s color scheme.  Forget about the Showtime Days.  The mid 90’s of Nick Van Exel/Eddie Jones/Elden Campbell, those were the glory years of my childhood admiring the best team in LA.  When the Lakers added Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant finally grew up.  Championships were expected.  From 2000-2010.  The Lakers were the greatest Pro Sports Franchise winning 5 Championships in that decade.  Five!

During this time, there was another Basketball team in the same city putting up a small fight for attention.  The Los Angeles Clippers.  From the failed experimental Quentin Richardson/Corey Maggette days.  To the Loy Vaught era.  The Clippers were nothing more than a team that people joked about.  Call them the New York Mets of Los Angeles.

Last season in 2013, the Clippers were finally the better team in Los Angeles.  But only by a little bit because they stole Chris Paul from us in a trade that was already accepted, then overturned by David Stern.  New Orleans is really loving Eric Gordon!

From 1988-2012, the Lakers were always the Royalty.  The Clippers were a joke.  With the Clippers finally having their greatest season, while constantly talking trash to Lakers Fans about our Dwight Howard/Kobe drama.  The Clippers still got just as far in the playoffs as the Lakers, losing in the 1st Round.

After the season, the Clippers “Traded” (No Team ever Trades for a Coach) for Doc Rivers to lead this team, and win the NBA Finals in 2014.

Now it is 2014, NBA PLAYOFFS.


The Lakers were garbage all year.  Probably worse than all of the Clippers mid 90’s teams combined.  Times Two.

 The Clippers in 2014 legitimately have a chance to win the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.  They are the BEST TEAM IN THE WEST.  DeAndre Jordan controls the Paint.  Chris Paul controls the floor.  Blake Griffin controls the highlight momentum plays and is too dominant.  Jamal Crawford/Matt Barnes/JJ Redick/Glen Davis/Darren Collison are arguably the best role players on any team in the NBA.

After having a great NBA season where Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan took their games to the next Level.  *CLICK HERE TO SEE MUNTRADAMUS NBA FANTASY BASKETBALL 2014 PRESEASON PREDICTIONS *

The Clippers finished as the 3rd Best Team in the Western Conference. Easily the #1 seed if Chris Paul was healthy all season, easily the best chance of the Clippers ever winning the NBA FINALS. All they have to do is play their game.

But then a Bitch decided to do Damage.


I don’t give a fuck what you think about me after reading this.  This is the honest truth that the Media would never say, because the media loves to control and distract the world.  


Let me start out by saying.  Donald Sterling 1,000,000% should not be the owner of the Clippers once they are eliminated from the Playoffs.  He should be banned from the team.  Banned from the NBA.  It would be smart if he left the country as you read this sentence. He is an outdated racist man.

Now that we got this out of the way.  Let me tell you the story of what’s really going on here.




Donald Sterling is a rich old white man.  He is fat. He is ugly.  He is insecure.  He is racist.  We knew he was racist in 2006 when he refused to lease his Beverly Hills Apartments to African Americans, or to Koreans to live in his apartments in Korea Town.  A similar case happened in 2003.  This new story about him being racist is really no surprise.  It really isn’t, get over yourself if you think it is.


So Donald is dating this Hot 21 Year Old half black girl.  We’ve all been there, am I right?

side note: It is not racist for me to call her a half black girl, if we are talking about Donald Sterling I would describe him as a white man.  I am just stating the obvious.  Nobody would say caucasian. We should also care less what his gold digging “girl friends” name is.

Anyways, this girl is a Dime.  Donald is old fat and ugly.  He sees his girl (who can pick and choose what she wants with any guy) taking pictures with black guys in the past, and now with Legends in Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp.  Yes Matt Kemp who was the #1 Pick of Fantasy Baseball Drafts in 2013.


So like any insecure old fat white guy, he got jealous.  He replayed the thought of his girl getting with Matt Kemp probably 100x in his head.  [Matt let me suck your Bat, it’s so Big.]

Donald and his Girl talked about this in the past, and she decided she can bring it up again as bait when she needs to when she saw what kind of racist animal he becomes when talking about it.


Now we have his sexy 21 year old half black manipulative gold digging “girlfriend” who got Bentelys, a Ferrari, a $1 million apartment paid for, and other gifts that were not publicized, all from Donald.  Donald Sterling’s  “Wife” who is an older white women, 100% a jealous bitch.  Is suing this girl for Embezzlement over all of that property.


Case is still in progress, but lets be real here.  The 21 Year Old is going to keep everything, 100%.  Look at it as a form of prostitution.  Because she did not have sex with Donald for his flappy ‘old stomach’ and known racism.  He bought all of those items for her, she accepted the gift, never paid a penny.  There is no turning back.  Straight Gold Digging Style.  Like I said, case is still in progress.


She Wants Revenge For Being Sued


So now this “BITCH” the 21 Year Old.  Decides to get revenge.  She decides to do the most EVIL act of all-time and destroy the Clippers Franchise during their only legitimate chance of winning the NBA Championship.  She seems like shes a victim.  But she is a STRAIGHT UP BITCH. HO. THAT DESERVES TO BE NEGLECTED FOR HER CRY OF ATTENTION during this time.  Call her the Yoko Ono of the Clippers for all History of Time, because she will win this battle.


She sets up Donald Sterling to seem like the most racist person in the world.  I am not doubting he is racist.  Like I said earlier, he should leave the country and never be allowed to be around the NBA.  But the point is, we knew he was racist! Now all the bandwagon fans from 2013 are starting to disappear quicker than Miley.


Do we have to be reminded during the Clippers Best Chance to Ever win the NBA FINALS!?

The media sure thinks so.  And if the Media thinks so, then we all think so.  Right?



The Clippers essentially threw today’s game against the Warriors.  Clippers turned their warm-ups inside out, DeAndre Jordan who is a 7 Foot Monster played like he was 5’5 max.  Clippers did not care about winning today’s game.  They were even considering boycotting the rest of the season.  The series is tied 2-2 going back to Los Angeles, and the Clippers players are afraid the Fans in LA will boo at the game.


Shut the Fuck Up Clippers & Clippers Nation.


To The Players.  You are professional athletes who have worked everyday for more than a year as a team to win this championship as a group!

To The Fans.  Support your team!

For the First Time in this CLIPPERS FRANCHISE HISTORY.  The Clippers can actually win the Championship.  If I were to tell a Clippers Fan in 2000 they were going to win a Championship.  They would not even comprehend my sentence, then start talking about how lethal Darius Miles is in NBA 2K1 for Dreamcast.

The Clippers Nation that has been through the Thick, and more Thick, and more Thick.  Now they can finally see a Championship Poster next to all the Lakers Banners that we have been flaunting to you Clippers fans for the history of the Staples Center time.

But No.  Everyone is going to take Donald’s Racism personally.  Doc Rivers, the Players, the fans.  The entire Clippers Nation.  All crumbling over news that we already have known about Donald Sterling.  

Everyone is going to let a 21 Year Old. Sexy. Half Black Girl.  That 100% any guy would sleep with, who took a picture with Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp.  Ruin the best chance, and maybe last chance for the Clippers to win a NBA Title for many years to come, if not ever again.

If the Clippers Fans Boo at the Staples Center for Tuesdays Playoff game.  Blake Griffin/DeAndre Jordan/Chris Paul, and all of those players will leave this organization when their contracts are up.  Unless this team adds an African American Owner, those players are gone 100%.

The Clippers Nation finally has something to root for, and they are acting as stupid as any Fan ever would.

All because the MEDIA is telling them to.

You people are listening to a hot 21 Year Old girl who is reminding us again, that the Clippers have a racist owner, during the most important time of the teams Franchise History.  All those years of Sweat and Tears for ABSOLUTELY nothing.  



So go ahead Clipper Fans, Boo your superstar players as they do layup lines.  Ruin your Franchise forever.  For at least until you draft the next Blake Griffin, because these are the last days you will ever get to see “Lob City” like this ever again.

As for the Clippers Players, Coaches, Training Staff.  You guys can either Fold, like you probably will.  Or you can win this season for your Fans that have been supporting your team as if you were all the most important people in the world.

From the kids of today wearing the #3 Chris Paul Jersey when they play basketball, to the young adults at Coachella rocking the #32 Blake Griffin, to the older adults who bought a Kia just because Blake Griffin does hilarious commercials for the company.   Even the Die Hard Clippers fans that are no longer in this world today.  They would die all over again to see this team win a Championship.

They would probably make a Disney movie about this season if the Clippers won the Finals.  Donald Trump would play Donald Sterling. Kevin Hart would play Chris Paul. Vin Diesel would be Blake Griffin.  James Earl Jones is easily Doc Rivers.  Shaquille O’Neal can do his Kazaam encore by playing DeAndre Jordan.

But no.  This is 2014.  Racism is not allowed in the World.  So instead of being a strong nation, and just ignoring the fact that Donald Sterling will be gone next season.

You “Clippers” can be cry babies like the Clippers Franchise always will be.  As soon as you get a little bit of respect, we Laker fans can laugh at you all over again.  Just like we did last season.  Just like we have done for the history of time.

Your team will never compare to the Royalty of the Purple and Gold Lakers.  You will always be our “Baby” Blue Clippers.

Simply because You cannot RISE Above the Media, who has a juicy story where they can control the world.








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