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Can the NFL season start already? With Father’s Day just passing by, the big sports news on that day was Chris Paul being traded to the Wizards for Bradley Beal. Many may think CP3 is over the hill because he got injured in the 2nd Round against the Nuggets. That is far from the truth, he led the Suns to the final only three years ago. CP3 also had a magnificent 2023 with the Suns averaging 32 minutes per game, with 8.9 assists (many double-digit assist games) and 13.9 Points on efficiency near 50% shooting from the field. Most important, he lead the Suns to a winning season and a playoff berth while overcoming an injury in November that knocked him out for nearly a month. Besides assists Chris Paul just leads his team and plays his part, on defense as well with a great 1.5 Steals per game.

Bradley Beal’s Agent, Mark Bartelstein, his father is the newly appointed CEO of the Suns. Is that collusion? Yes, that is collusion as obviously Landry Shamet/Chris Paul/2nd Round Picks does not equal Bradley Beal who is arguably better than Devin Booker. Which makes us go back in time and think. How was this trade fair? Do we not all remember when David Stern rejected a fair trade for CP3 to the Lakers back in 2011? Crazy over a decade has passed since.

Here is the complete breakdown of that 2011 trade:

Los Angeles Lakers: PG Chris Paul (from NO Hornets)

New Orleans Hornets: F Lamar Odom (from LA Lakers), SG Kevin Martin (from HOU Rockets), PF Luis Scola (from HOU Rockets), PG Goran Dragic (from HOU Rockets)

Houston Rockets: PF Pau Gasol (from LA Lakers)

In the end, the Lakers were fine with that trade not working as Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom were vital parts to the Lakers winning Championships with Kobe Bryant. However looking back at it and how all those players careers finished, this trade was definitely fair.

With all that being said, the Suns/Wizards trade is not fair and should be vetoed by the league, even though it will not. No matter what the Suns do from here, they really have to win it this year. Time for Devin Booker to prove he is more than an All-Star. Time for Kevin Durant to win on a super team (every year he is on one) for the first time since Steph Curry.

With CP3 still ringless he completes the triangle of great PGs in the NBA to not win a ring.

CP3: Clippers/Rockets/Wizards

John Wall: Wizards/Rockets/Clippers

Russell Westbrook: Rockets/Wizards/Clippers

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