By Muntradamus


In the heart of the Fantasy Football season when anything is possible after only one month. All of a sudden BEST Ball teams were filling out left and right. I have always been an avid Fantasy Basketball expert, I ranked Damian Lillard and many other legends higer than any expert their Rookie Seasons, qualified for many huge tournaments including one where the Championship was at the Playboy Mansion, with the bunnies. But this season I really wanted to focus on Fantasy Football. With no time to spare I drafted 10 teams just as the tournament was being filled weeks before the season started, for the $100K to 1st Place Fantasy Basketball Best Ball.

Out of those 10 teams, one advanced to the next round after 16 Weeks of the Fantasy Basketball season. This is that team.


This is my roster and team BEAST DOME. Missing of course is Jalen Green who put up the SGA numbers I told you all in previous articles he is capable of. 26 Points/14 Assists/10 Rebounds, the guy is a superstar and if his cards were not already priced very high, as Rookies and Sophmore cards are usually the two highest years a players card will be, I would have bought some. For example, a Malcolm Brogdon Rookie card would cost nothing today compared to what it would have cost his rookie or sophmore year, especially since he won Rookie of the Year.

I love the move the Lakers made grabbing Spencer Dinwiddie, that gives them a valuable guard who can be aggressive off the bench. He also plays well with Christian Wood. Not that those are good for fantasy purposes, it does help the Lakers compete for a Championship against the Mavericks who look amazing with Gafford and PJ Washington.

I am glad Lillard is over his emotional baggage, at least short-term, he should go off with no Khris Middleton this week. The real MVP is the first round pick in Anthony Davis who I actually had on a majority of the 10 teams I drafted, it was one of those years where Jokic was a cheat code and if you have him at the Center Spot, you were nearly guaranteed a playoff spot as nearly 66% of the teams in Round 2 have the Serbian BEAST. The only way you had the chance to get Jokic is if you were blessed with the #1 Pick.

Round 2 is two weeks long, will update.


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