AFTERMATH: Kevin Smith

For all of you that took my advice and added Kevin Smith.  Your faith paid off.  Here’s my outlook on him for the rest of the way.


Before Best got injured he was a top 10 RB in PPR leagues.Detroit’s offense is so explosive that opportunities will present itself to Smith.

No he probably won’t get 200 yards and 3 TDs in a game again.

But he will probably get what Best was getting every game, and that’s 100 total yards with the chance to score.

Even if Best comes back I wouldn’t be worried, there’s no way they make Best more than a 7 touch per game back, moving Maurice Morris to the bench. It doesn’t make a difference. In fact it might be better just because with Best at least the Lions will move the ball.

THE BIG KEY PLAY of the game. Keiland Williams fumbling.

Keiland was the 2nd closest thing to a lock Goal Line RB in what use to be this crowded backfield, with Williams fumbling and Smith scoring a 4 yrd TD, Smith is as safe as ever to be a #1 RB in standard leagues moving forward.

I would rank Kevin Smith above the names like CJ850 (Chris Johnson) and around the same ball park as valuable as Ryan Matthews with the chance for more.

This guy is one big Thanksgiving game away from being MUST START for the rest of the season.


And if you didn’t see the video.
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