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If you are like much of the BEAST DOME NATION. Arian Foster and his 3 TD performance led you to an easy victory in Week 8. While many of you are still fighting in MUST-WIN mode, there are a few good free Agents that fell to everyone in the Fantasy Football World. All of these players are good adds and should be picked up in just about every 12 man league that has a deep bench.




It only took Rex Ryan 7 losses to finally make the switch to Michael Vick. The Jets waited too long to make this switch as this is now purely a Fantasy Football situation for the Jets moving forward. Michael Vick will make this offense dynamic right away and everyone from CJ2K to PERCY HARVIN will all see a boost in production. Michael Vick has a tough matchup against KC this upcoming Week 9, but a QB everybody should stash if you are desperate for a backup. 100+ Yards rushing is never out of the picture for Vick.



The Patriots are going to use Jonas Gray as if he were Stevan Ridley. After tearing up the Bears for 86 Yards on 17 Carries, the sky is the limit for Gray as he cannot be tackled when defenses spread wide for the Patriots passing attack. Jonas can easily be the Steven Jackson that everyone is waiting for and probably benched Week 8, and then the TD comes. Regardless, Gray has nice RB #3 potential moving forward as he will see double-digit carries every week moving forward. I would still rather have Steven Jackson as the Falcons offense finally showed some life again.


There is rumor that Doug Martin is going to get traded. If that happens Charles Sims will have a clear path for the RB spot in Tampa. If Doug Martin does not get traded, look for a 3 headed monster with Doug Martin still leading the way. Tampa is not coverting any 3rd downs which leaves any Tampa RB with low-end potential moving forward. For now, keep an eye on Sims/Martin, but do not make it a priority to add him unless you see a trade go through.



LaFell has been solid for about 4 Weeks in a row now and can officially be a WR #3 in all Fantasy Leagues moving forward. He is quickly becoming a favorite option of Tom Brady and leaving Julian Edelman as the #3 WR in the Patriots offense behind Gronk. LaFell has always been explosive and is showing what he can do with a superstar QB instead of the wild Cam Newton. LaFell should be owned in nearly every league.


Britt is going to have the green light to run the show for the Rams now that Brian Quick is done for the year. No expert ranked Britt higher than myself after I loved his potential with Shaun Hill. While Austin Davis appears to be the QB until the end, he will have to get chemistry with Britt at some point this season. When the matchups are good, Britt has been productive. Look for a great 2nd half and close to the season as Britt should be a huge factor on all playoff teams.



Looks like the Bye Week was all about making Brandon Myers out of the picture and letting Jenkins run away with the TE job. Jenkins has HUGE size and is an immediate big-time threat in the Bucs passing game. Huge fumble ended up costing the Bucs this past week, but he will continue to get all the targets he can handle. Jenkins can easily be a Top 10 TE to close out the year and is a must-add in all leagues.



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  • Mike October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Have R.Hillman & M. Ball. Drop Ball for J. Gray? or hold onto Ball?

    • Dropdimes15 October 28, 2014   Reply →

      I would definitely hold both broncos rbs until we see how that plays out,and even after as montee would be the top handcuff in the league if hillman remains starting

  • Kevin October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Got offered Lynch for my Ellington. insta-trade?

    • chosen2nd October 28, 2014   Reply →

      Install trade!! Get beast mode!

  • Someone October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Where’s Taliaferro the stud?

  • Someone October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Jared Cook over ASJ?

  • Aaron October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Munt I know Hyde is a beast puzzle piece, but at this point can we drop Him if we need someone who can contribute right now?

  • eightyate October 28, 2014   Reply →

    unicorn sighting! pick him up?

    • Muntradamus October 29, 2014   Reply →

      The second you jump on the unicorn a Quarless TD will come. Too hard to trust, but the potential has always been there.

  • andre October 28, 2014   Reply →

    Sound advice. Britt over Davante adams?

    • Muntradamus October 29, 2014   Reply →

      When the matchup is right, Britt is the answer. Few tough games coming up for Kenny.

  • Gadgetflow October 29, 2014   Reply →

    Britt or Larry Fitz this week? Cobb/Roddy on bye ><

  • andre October 29, 2014   Reply →

    thanks again munt

  • dallasdavek October 29, 2014   Reply →

    Dougie in walking boot. Sims and Rainey are available. Any RB in TB worth having. Dougie worth holding onto. I grabbed him off a disgruntle owner who drafted him for Andre Williams.

    Joique Bell just dropped, and Kenny Britt is on the wire.

    • Someone October 29, 2014   Reply →

      Sims is the only RB that this regime has ties to… I think he will not START right away, but wouldn’t rule out being a starter by week 12

  • Michael October 29, 2014   Reply →

    Help me setup my lineup for week 9, I would appreciate it for I am fighting to get out of last place and make a run at the playoffs….I am in a ppr league….who to start from the following: I need 2 wrs from:

    Steve Smith sr. Vs. Steelers Sunday night

    Larry Fitzgerald vs. Dallas

    Donte moncrief Vs giants Monday night

    Andrew Hawkins vs. Tamp bay

    I need 3 rbs from the following :
    Justin forsett vs. Steelers
    Taliaferro vs. Steelers
    Ben tate vs. Tampa Bay
    Jonas gray vs. Denver
    Charles smith vs browns

    Thank you for your input….lastly would it be crazy to start both forsett and Taliaferro this week….week 9?

    • JHill October 30, 2014   Reply →

      Steve Smith sr. Vs. Steelers Sunday night
      Larry Fitzgerald vs. Dallas

      I need 3 rbs from the following :
      Justin forsett vs. Steelers
      Ben tate vs. Tampa Bay
      Jonas gray vs. Denver

      If you’re filling a RB/WR flex position, and it’s a full point per reception, put Moncrief in for Forsett.

  • Michael October 30, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you for replying jhill

  • Someone October 30, 2014   Reply →

    Get your Charles Sims while he’s cheap… if he does something , unless you’re waiver #1… it will be too LATE:

    Bucs beat writer Greg Auman sees 10-plus touches for Charles Sims (ankle) Sunday.

    • dallasdavek October 30, 2014   Reply →

      I would have to give up Tre Mason for him? (or Doug), but I still need a punter for this week. Think’n Tre has a tough schedule.

      • Someone October 30, 2014   Reply →

        1. Tre Mason was in one of those 35-33-32 snapcount split last week… just pure horrible playcalling by the coaches… not his fault. In the future this may change

        2. Doug is injured, and if Sims show some kind of life… with being the regime’s choice of pick… not sure how he counts, except as that Michael Bush GL Vulture role back with the Bears…

        I’d drop #2 based on that alone…. if Sims doesn’t do anything… that backfield just became pure garbage anyway

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