Week 8 of the Fantasy Football Season is two days away.  While you sit at home waiting for that time to tick away, I have the perfect game for you.


For those of you who do not know what SKYLLZONE is.  It is a 10 Man Snake Draft with one catch.  You are the 1 Human going up against 9 Machines.  The Machine is garbage and does not know what it is doing.  The Snake Draft takes less than 15 Minutes, and gives you the opportunity to play for a share of $100,000 in Week 15.

You can qualify for that monster Tournament simply by BEASTING the machines and finishing in 1st Place on any given Week.  Not only do you get a chance to play in the Qualifier, you also can win Cash each week ($20) or part of the Global Prizes worth more than $5K.

Jump in.  It is Free To Play.  Gives you a chance to draft an entirely new team each week to follow for fun.  Perfect alternate to Daily Fantasy Sports if you do not want to drop the cash.  Stick to the BEAST DRAFT STRATEGY from this Preseason, and you will BEAST the Machines no Problem at all.



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  • bandre4 October 24, 2014   Reply →

    Nice work Munt and congrats being the most accurate rb expert man!! KEEP BEASTING!!!!!

    • chosen2nd October 24, 2014   Reply →

      Beastdome is a Beastmaster!

  • adam October 24, 2014   Reply →

    Baltimore D has been great, would you add Baltimore D, and Drop New England D for the next cpuple of weeks?

  • C Spit October 24, 2014   Reply →

    Calvin Johnson is ranked like #150 on skyllzone. You can can get him late when you’re drafting bench players. If he plays, which looks like he will, you can start him.

  • Playmaker88 October 25, 2014   Reply →

    Following your advice from a couple of weeks ago Munt, And traded Shane Vareen and Emmanuel Sanders to get Doug Martin. You also said sell high on Sanders while you can before then too. Since i made the trade Vareen went and had his 20 pt game and Sanders just went off for 3 TD’s. Now i REALLY need Dougie Fresh to play well! Do you still feel like Sanders was worth selling high on? Thanks for the help

    • Muntradamus October 25, 2014   Reply →

      Jeez hope you didn’t pull that trade when Ridley was hurt.

      Sanders has been a BEAST no doubt, and Vereen is now a clear cut RB#2. Did you give up too much, yes because Ridley is not playing anymore. Will Doug Martin give you RB#2 numbers, yes. But Emmanuel for the icing on the cake.

      While Sanders put up a performance like that again, probably not. Never approved this trade directly but Doug Martin should be able to give you production.

  • Playmaker88 October 26, 2014   Reply →

    Thank you for the response. No, you did not directly approve of this trade, sorry i worded that poorly. I was referring to this article you wrote “Trade Strategy Teach me how to Dougie” where you mention to trade 2 of your bench players. I should have mentioned my team to give a better perspective, i felt i had good enough depth to grab a RB you felt so highly about. Before the trade My RB/WRs were: A.Foster/ Le’Veon Bell/ S.Vareen/ C.Hyde. A.J Green/ R.Cobb/ A.Johnson/ E.Sanders/ R.White. Having Doug as a Flex should be a positive for my team. My bad about the misunderstanding, i look forward to all of your weekly articles and especially love the Beastcast! BEAST

    • jrome215 October 26, 2014   Reply →

      Dude you gave up too much, there is not a single reason to think Dougie will preform at all this year. Charles Sims, when healthy, will be running the TB backfield. Pick him up now so your trade will not be a complete waste.

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