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Coming into Week 1 of the 2015 NFL Season, every Fantasy Expert is high on Jamaal Charles as if he were coming off of his 2012 campaign, which included over 1,500 Yard Rushing yards along with a career high 285 carries. The 2015 Jamaal Charles is only a shade of how good he once was, as Jamaal is coming off of a 1st Round Pick Record low 206 Carries and just a tad over 1,000 rushing yards on the ground in 2014. With Jamaal Charles being held on average under 11 carries a game in his last 5 matchups to close out the 2014 season, it is time to realize that Jamaal is not even a fraction of the Jamaal he once was.

Heading into Week 1 of the NFL season as the most expensive Running Back in Daily Fantasy on DraftKings at 7,900, and going up against the Hard Knocks Houston Texans Defense, in Houston. Andy Reid and Jamaal Charles Fantasy Football owners will have to hope for a miracle, or just pretend like they know exactly what you’re doing taking him Top 3, because Jamaal Charles.


The Texans Defense is much stronger than they were in 2014. The two biggest moves that will be most evident for the Texans Defense this season is the addition of Vincent Wilfork, he is big enough to count as two moves. Wilfork will create so much pressure up the middle that Quarterbacks will not be able to step up in the pocket when J.J. Watt and others create pressure from the outside, Running Backs will meet a brick wall if they take the carry up the middle. The biggest impact will be the return of Jadeveon Clowney. I am excited to see Clowney who will finally be back ready to BEAST after missing nearly all of the 2014 season with a knee injury. Clowney is also the perfect hybrid DE/LB to contain Jamaal Charles from breaking runs to the outside as Clowney’s speed is unreal for his position, and we all know how hard this guy can hit. With Clowney holding containment turning Charles back to the middle, Brian Cushing will eat him up for breakfast/lunch and dinner. Jamaal is the type of Running Back that the Chiefs need to limit how many times he gets hit in a game. A couple big hits from Watt/Wilfork/Clowney/Cushing is sure to leave Jamaal banged up which is the last thing his owners want as we embrace the upcoming four months of the 2015 season.



Coverage Starts at 6:00pm PST (Tonight/Friday)

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  • bandre4 September 11, 2015   Reply →

    I literally cant believe on some fantasy sites they have Lynch so low…and yet have Charles so high this week (cough cbs, cough) Great stuff Munt!!! BEAST

  • Anonymous September 12, 2015   Reply →

    I don’t know how to run the ball in madden

  • Rod September 12, 2015   Reply →

    You suck ass! JC will have over 100 yards rushing, 50 receiving and 2 TDs. Go hate on someone who truly deserves it.

    • Muntradamus September 12, 2015   Reply →

      ill approve your comment so we can see whose right in the end

  • Dz September 13, 2015   Reply →

    It’s not all about the rushing yards. In PPR leagues he is a pass catcher and a good one. Know your worth rookie

    • bandre4 September 14, 2015   Reply →

      Dont be a PPR whore dude….Charles got some big hits that game. His small frame is going to cost him this year. Please dont call Munt a rookie. Thanks to him I have Foster who is coming back week 3, Brandon Marshall, Chris Ivory, and Matt Forte…who did better than Charles. I suggest you shut the fuck up and troll elsewhere homie… You will be hounded if you talk shit.

  • Acelew September 14, 2015   Reply →

    103 total yds and a touchdown…bust of the week? Great job man

    • Muntradamus September 14, 2015   Reply →

      ya his 7 carries for 8 yards in the 1st half was amazing. Throw in the gift TD because of the Texans turnover inside their own 10 yard line and Charles owners can semi breathe again.

      • bandre4 September 14, 2015   Reply →

        Let the haters hate Munt. We got your back. People who literally have NO life are wanting to bash you for your calls. You got it wrong, but you got many more right this week…you should tell them the BEASTS you had listed this week…CHRIS IVORY ANYONE???? SUCK IT HATERS!!!

  • Anony Mous bc munt is legendary September 15, 2015   Reply →

    it’s not being a hater Ben if you want to hold a person accountable for the picks they get right and wrong. Munt gets plenty of underrated guys right on the money which is why I’ve been a member of the BEASTDOME for 3 or 4 years now.

    But the reality is, even without the gift TD, Charles has 103 total yards which is more than adequate.

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