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The most common trait you will find among sheep Fantasy Experts, is the fact they overreact with players having bad seasons. Whether it is Brandon Marshall 3 years ago with the Bears before going to the Jets, or Chris Davis every single season he is no the HR Champ.

Today I am about to reintroduce you to a pitcher who many considered right along the Top 10. Gerrit Cole.

Gerrit Cole was the #1 pick of the 2011 Draft, due to crushing it at UCLA and being nearly unhittable through college. Though I got a hit off of him in little league, he is one year younger than me.

In 2013, the Pirates finally called him up, and up until last year, they got nothing but an ACE.

2015, those numbers are pretty close to Clayton Kershaw good.

2016, we saw a mini collapse from Cole which led to three stints on the Disabled List. Elbow issues are never good, but he moved past it and was able to close out the season. Cole and his ERA was at 2.73 on August 1st, his last 6 starts were so bad, his ERA jumped to 3.88.

Now it is 2017. Forget about injuries, let us look at facts

The OF weapons

Starling Marte. Andrew McCutchen. Gregory Polanco

All three of these players can win gold gloves. All three of these players chase down every ball hit their way.

Look at Ivan Nova. His ERA with the Yankees has not been under 4.00 since he was 26 Years Old back in 2013.

In 11 Starts with the Pirates last season, his ERA was 3.06.


Gerit Cole who is pitching in the WBBC is throwing 97 MPH and striking out the best of the best. There is no doubt that Gerrit Cole is closer to the 2015 Gerrit Cole, than the 2016 version. When Gerrit Cole starts throwing like an ACE, you draft him. Just look at this 2 seam fastball to Adam LaRoche. What are you supposed to do with that.

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You have to target the Stud around Round 6-7 in 12 man leagues. The strategy here is to go after Chris Davis in Round 5, then grab Cole in Round 6.

If you want to do the Bird/Carter/Napoli strategy and wait at 1B. Then grab Cole in Round 5 and do not mess around with it. Gerrit Cole has Top 10 SP ability, the Pirates are going to be competing this year, and that OF will track down everything. As long as Cole strikes out his fair share of hitters and does not give up launch shots, Cole is a good sleeper to be back in the CY Young conversation.


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By Muntradamus


First of all, I do want to reiterate that I fully believe in Chris Carter and his ability to potentially lead the major league in Home Runs. The Yankees will find playing time for Carter, whether he faces lefties exclusively (which will still be fine in the long run) or he platoons with Jacoby Ellsbury/Brett Gardner in the Yankees lineup. Matt Holliday the current DH can always play in the OF.

Brett Gardner does not hit lefties well at all, Jacoby Ellsbury needs off days, Yankees just want to keep him healthy. Same goes with Gardner in that regard. What will hurt Chris Carter’s consistent PT for at least the start of the season, will be the development and production of Rookie Greg Bird.

Bird is no doubt the Franchise Yankees 1B option. Teixieria was basically kicked off the team by the middle of the season so the Yankees can start the development of Tyler Austin and Greg Bird. Tyler Austin is now out for the season, while Greg Bird is battling back from off season shoulder surgery.

What we have seen from Greg Bird early this spring training is one thing.

He is the real deal.

He is slashing the ball at a near .400+ clip so far this Spring, granted that he is seeing mostly fast balls right now. Still, he is showing he is the real deal as well as some big time potential pop. If his progression continues the way it appears, we have ourselves the very next Joey Votto.

Someone who can hit .270+ with power in the middle of the Yankees lineup in soft ball field Yankee stadium. Sign him up.

Greg Bird is nowhere near any sheep “Expert” radar as he falls to

ADP #259

#29 1B ECR

He is a steal on draft day. Do not be surprised to see 30+ HRs and 100+ RBIs for a guy who goes at the end of your draft. Pair him with Chris Carter at 1B and you have two guys that can combine for an easy 70+ HRs at the end of the season, once again proving all the people who take Paul Goldschmidt in Round 1 are PURE sheep.

Which will be 100% of your league once you check my Rankings





By Muntradamus

When you’re at a baseball game, and you see a player hit a HR over the fence. There is nothing to do besides give respect for that player. Whether it is the Hometown star, or it is a backup catcher on the opposite team. The HR ball deserves respect.

I have now called the HR Champion 4 YEARS IN A ROW. A feat that no Expert has done in FantasyPros History.


Chicks dig the long ball. Fantasy Sports players dig the long ball.

Here are my 5 Candidates for HOME RUN CHAMPION.

Before I get into the list, I just want to show something FantasyPros just released.

The Top Expert Picks at each position.

 There are 57 FantasyPros Experts.

I Dominate this list. This is not the first year this has happened either.



ADP 77

If you want to go to Vegas with a large sum of money, and put it on a HR Champion. Chris Davis is definitely your guy.

Last season he played who knows how long with a dislocated finger that required offseason surgery, and he still hit 38 Home Runs. He has been the HR Champion in 2013/2015 (Both years I ranked him in that position). The reason 2014 was thrown off was due to the birth of his child which came just as the Power Hitter finally found his groove. After returning from a few days off, the rhythm was never the same and he low key blamed it on his child by saying it was rough waking up in the middle of the night all the time.

Chris Davis is the heart and soul of power baseball. His pop flys explode off the bat, and he will ding 50+ in the American League East.



ADP 259

Carter is nothing but a PURE POWER BEAST.

He spent his first 6 season of Baseball in the American League West. The A’s traded him because his POWER or nothing attitude really does not fit the Billy Beane style. He went to Houston where he raked 29 HRs in 2013 then followed that up with 37 HRs in 2014.

The Astros did not give Carter time to bounce back after a slow start in 2015, they also knew they were not going to re-sign him. So he went to Milwauke in 2016 and ended up leading the National League in Home Runs. Co-Champion with Nolan Arenado. Who plays in Coors Field..

Now the Yankees signed Chris Carter.

Carter is a guy who can blast 40+ Homeruns in the NL Central. Now he goes to a softball field in New York.

In his 3 career lifetime trips to Yankee Field as a member of the A’s/Astros. He hit a HR in each one of those series. That is some serious clutch hitting to hit a HR everytime you visit Yankee Stadium.

Yankees have Greg Bird (Coming off Shoulder Surgery) and a pair of aging OF options in Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner. Matt Holliday can always slide into the OF, and Chris Carter will find his way in the lineup nearly every game. The Yankees have nothing to lose on a 1 year deal, and Chris Carter has everything to gain.

Chris Carter is available after Round 20 in every Fantasy Baseball Draft, and he is an easy sleeper that leads the majors in the Home Runs.




ADP 38

The guy hits straight up missiles off his bat.

If you have not had the pleasure of watching Nelson Cruz HR Footage in your lifetime, check it out on Youtube. I do not know if Nelson Cruz puts explosives in the inside of his bat, but I would hate to be in front of any ball this guy hits.

Nelson Cruz is 36 years old, some would say that is too old. I say age is just a number, unless it’s Football or Basketball. Nelson Cruz was born to hit baseballs harder than person on this earth and the Mariners are stacked in 2017. The addition of Jean Segura to set the table for Nelson Cruz who still has Robinson Cano batting in front of him, it is going to be a fun year to root for the Mariners.

Psychologically, when a pitcher has to face Robinson Cano, and be so perfect with every single pitch. Then have to do the same thing over again with Nelson Cruz. It is hard to keep that type of focus, especially with Kyle Seager somewhere in the mix with Jean Segura’s speed on the base path.

If a pitcher throws a fastball that is not fast enough, and Nelson Cruz has that pitch on his robot tracker.




ADP 36

We look at a player like Sammy Sosa, who is truly one of the best power hitters in the history of the game. And we see Sammy Sosa and his digression after he took a fastball off the side of the head.

It is hard to argue we are not seeing the same thing with Stanton. Giancarlo does not appear to be comfortable after taking the fast ball to the face. Wearing that shield protector definitely helps, but if throw him inside pitches with movement. Giancarlo is a deer in the headlights.

With that being said, Stanton and his POWER is second to none. He hits Homeruns with no effort at all. You throw him a changeup that forgets to changeup, and he will hit that ball out of the ball park as if it was Steph Curry shooting a Free Throw.

Last season was a rough one of the Marlins. Barry Bonds coming into town put pressure on Stanton to perform like a Hall of Fame Champion. Dee Gordon was suspended for steroids. R.I.P. Jose.

Things will be a lot calmer in 2017 for Miami. Giancarlo Stanton will start to be more Giancarlo Stanton, and he is an easy candidate to lead the majors in Home Runs if the pitches and the breaks go Miami’s way.

Nobody does it as easy as Giancarlo who can Homer off of any pitcher, even hit 2 against Kershaw in Dodger Stadium last year. A game I went to.




ADP 76


The guy killed it last year in the American League East in his first season, and it would not be that surprising to see him do it again. Trumbo is only 31 Years Old, Age is just a number, unless it’s Football or Basketball.

What makes Trumbo so unique as a power hitter besides the fact that if you’re a soft lefty you are better off intentionally walking him. What makes him unique is his pop. All the balls off his bat seem to go in the air, which means he has perfected the power swing. When you play in Yankee Stadium/Camden Yards, and Fenway for a good portion of your season. Pop Flys in those stadiums usually result in Home Runs.

The Orioles should be a better team in 2017. Mark Trumbo will benefit from all of it.







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