BEASTcast TV: What Can Brown Do For You? (10:00pm PST)


What Can Brown Do For You? (10:00pm PST)


By Muntradamus




Join me tonight for what will be a very entertaining show as my Goal is to Help Improve all of your teams and give you some thoughts on the upcoming Week 6.




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  • Beastofthebay October 11, 2013   Reply →

    I wasn’t able to make the beastcast tonight and it doesn’t load on the iPad. I was thinking it would be a nice addition to the beast dome community if we started commenting on Munt’s beastcasts as a recap and expansion of his thoughts on the upcoming weekend. If anybody that participated or has watched the recap wants to start it off, feel free.

    • Dallasdavek October 13, 2013   Reply →

      Busy end of the just about 30 min into cast. Might be to late on some
      1. Andre brown. Must own. After cast news on Wilson doesn’t look good on return
      2. Eli does have a easy 7-14 schedule don’t bail on him yet
      3. Jets D not ranked as hi with cromartie out
      4. Try and trade for Brady with weapons coming back. Lowest he’ll be all season. (With gronk out might have bought a another week)

      Usually sit / start / trade questions. That u really need to hear. I like to listen because if might open up thoughts regarding my team.

      Any luck with the apps?

  • dallasdavek October 11, 2013   Reply →

    1PM EST… I’m usually crashed while the BEASTS are roaming the night. Through the Iphone I can usually follow along on the textCasts.

    Previous on the Iphone I usually had the video NO sound on the BeastCasts, but was able to listen through the laptop.

    On the Iphone I downloaded the Beastdome and SpreeCast apps. This morning grabbing the link through the BeastDome APP and playing through SpreeCast success. Video and sound… I just recently updated the phone to IOS 7 to get the Beast App….this may have been the previous sound issue.

    Give it shot…I haven’t listened more than a few minutes, headphones at work, but if possible i’ll try to follow up later.

  • Davesworld23 October 11, 2013   Reply →

    Please help me on my lineup choices this week. I need to fill a WR & a Flex position; My choices are Fleener, BJGE, Stacy, Floyd, Broyles, Miles & Williams. my starters are Cutler, Gould, Charles, Gio, Finly, VJax & VBrown. Also is Balt D droppable? that is who I have (no negative points for allowing alot of points just bonus’ for keeping score low) Thanks

  • Davesworld23 October 11, 2013   Reply →

    my league is 1.0 PPR scoring FYI

  • Davesworld23 October 11, 2013   Reply →

    & Montee Ball is on my team but I don’t want to bank on garbage time

  • Dallasdavek October 13, 2013   Reply →

    Fleener at flex. His ranked top 10 this week. Mike Williams against a soft eagle secondary.

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