“Well I guess that’s what you get for marrying the ugly Kardashian…”

BY: Sir Fantasy Drake


In this article Sir Fantasy Drake will headline a few key players he would sell, or buy.  You can ask questions about other players value and either Sir Fantasy or Muntradamus will answer your questions.

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*Players that value may not get any better and you should cash in now.


LAMAR ODOM (F) Mavericks

When looking at high-profile players that end up playing poorly, usually the main thing to look at is age. These are players that have already accomplished a good amount in their career, have little to play for, possibly not in a good fit in terms of what team they’re on and most importantly their skills are diminishing. This is why the first player to sell high while you still can is Lamar Odom. Odom is 32 years old, this is his 13th year in the league and he’s already won 2 championships. It’s difficult to tell if his skills are diminishing but it sure looks like it after a few games. Odom is also on a new team that might not be such a great fit for him playing behind Dirk Nowitzki and really being the 7th man on his team. He was publicly upset about leaving Los Angeles and that can only be a negative for him on the court this year. Well I guess that’s what you get for marrying the ugly Kardashian… Get what you can while you can for Odom, SELL. Target a younger, hungrier player in return for Odom such as Tyler Hansbrough.


The other type of player that hurts your fantasy team is the player that hurts himself all the time. Sometimes as talented as they may be, they never really get to show their talents because their constantly injured. As good as Andrew Bynum is, he’s a good bet to miss at least 20-30 games this year if you’re lucky, SELL.

Al Jefferson is a good guy to target for Bynum.



The same rule applies for Joakim Noah. Although less talented than Bynum, Noah can still be a double-double guy when healthy, but unfortunately that’s not very often. He has yet to start more than 55 games in a season in his career and he also plays through many injuries that slow his production, SELL.



Now DeMarcus Cousins, tons of talent but too often displays his immaturity, most recently with a trade request followed by his coach telling him to stay home, this says that he will most likely never become the player he should be, and definitely not this year, SELL.

If you could get a Roy Hibbert or Javale Mcgee in return for one of these guys you would definitely improve your roster.



*Players that have value that will go up as the season rolls on.



First is DeAndre Jordan. Jordan is an absolute freak at blocking shots (he had 8 in the Clippers first game), and while his offensive skill set isn’t desirable, he can still manage to score a little bit because of all the attention given to the other stars on his team, also good on the backboards, BUY Jordan.



Ryan Anderson is a power forward who can step out and nail a three. So far this year he is already averaging over 20 PPG and 6 RPG, also if and when Dwight Howard is shipped away his shots will only go up. BUY.



Although he plays in Toronto, this next player can’t be overlooked. DeMar DeRozan is first of all a good scorer in this league (had 22 points all in the second half against Indiana) and second of all a ridiculous athlete. The athlete part helps him contribute to your team in steals (averaging 1.25 per game) and even rebounds from the guard spot. BUY.



Lastly, with the retiring of Brandon Roy, someone has to fill that role and take those shots for the Blazers. Yes Jamal Crawford will come off the bench and take some of those shots but Wesley Mathews is gonna be taking way more shots now than he has in years past. And this guy is a pure scorer. So far this year he is averaging 16 PPG on just 39.5% shooting from the field. His FG% is bound to only go up (he averages 46%), and when it does you can expect his scoring to leap up too. BUY.


*Feel Free to ask any questions about trades, and trade values, and our experts will be there for you.


  1. I am a little shakey about Jameer Nelson and Jeff Teague on my roster. What are their trade values right now?

  2. I’m trying to trade for DeMar DeRozan and Jameer Nelson, giving up Toney Douglas and one other guy. Who should that other guy be? Or should I not make this trade? Here are my guys I would consider giving up:

    Chris Kaman
    Tyler Hansbrough
    Ricky Rubio
    MarShon Brooks

  3. If accepted trade brooks, then try kaman, then Rubio and if you have to trade hansbrough, you would still come out on top in the trade.

  4. Nelson has gotten off to a slow start but should pick it up, so his value is lower than it will be in a few weeks. Teague is the opposite, he is getting more PT and shots because Heinrich is out but it will go down when Kirk comes back, if you can get decent value for him now, trade teague

  5. Even though Kevin Durant had an impeccable start of the season, his last three games have not been too great with fantasy points. Should I consider trading him for a more elite player while I can, or keep him to see his true thunder show up again?
    Current Set up in a H2H 8team league
    PG Darren Collison, Ind PG
    SG Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG
    SF Kevin Durant, OKC SF
    PF Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF
    C Andrea Bargnani, Tor C, PF
    G Andre Miller, Den PG
    F Carmelo Anthony, NY SF
    UTIL Marc Gasol, Mem C
    UTIL Andre Iguodala, Phi SF, SG
    UTIL Antawn Jamison, Cle PF
    Bench Marcus Thornton, Sac SG
    Bench Nene, Den C DTD
    Bench Jason Kidd, Dal PG

    Also, do you have an email address where I can send you more detailed messages of my league for further help?Sorry for so much posting, but I truly appreciate your expertise.

  6. hold onto him for now. Definitely don’t start him this week but give him a chance to pull out of this funk he’s in, he’s proved he can contribute in fantasy and deserves a little more time to show that again.

  7. From above, I have gotten rid of Darren Collision, and Tyreke Evans adding Marvin Williams and Ricky Rubio. Is Brandon Bass worth drafting onto my roster?

  8. Still trying to get rid of Toney Douglas. I might try to trade him and one other guy for Kemba Walker and LaMarcus Aldridge. Not sure if this is a good idea, since Kemba has done terrible this season. If this is a good idea, who should the other guy I trade be?

    DeAndre Jordan
    Andray Blatche
    Javale McGee
    Al Harrington
    Antawn Jamison

  9. definitely hold onto Javale Mcgee and DeAndre Jordan because center is a tough position to fill and both of those guys are good up and coming players. Any of those other three you could trade not so much for kemba but I would be looking more at Aldridge. Kemba could turn out to be okay but it looks like he has yet to find his comfort zone. Also if possible try to hold on to Jamison, he takes a ton of his team’s shots and can put up some numbers.

  10. Don’t be sorry about the posting, at MaddenArena we want to hear your questions, dilemmas and opinions. As for your question, unless you can get LeBron in return, you definitely want to keep the Durantula. Scoring Champ the last two seasons and one of the best players (fantasy and reality) in the game today. Don’t panic because of a couple rough games, although the season’s shortened, remember that it’s still a marathon not a sprint. If you have any questions you can simply post them here and an expert will respond.

  11. Do you think trading Andre Iguodala for Al Horford is a solid trade? Also, should Nene be kept due to his long heel injury? Who could be a solid person to trade for in the case of giving up Jason Kidd?

  12. As much as I would love to say Jimmer is going to have a breakout season, I just don’t see it happening. The team is a mess and he’s looked overmatched when I’ve seen him play, go ahead and drop him for someone that can contribute.

  13. Keep Iguodala for his versatility. You already have 2 centers so you could trade Nene if the right deal presents itself. Look for a young, hungry point guard to replace Kidd such as a Ty Lawson or DJ Augustin

  14. Also what is Dorrell Wrights value this season? Will he get his groove sometime throughout the season?

  15. I have Nene and Nick Young on my team and someone is offering to trade me Kevin Martin for Nick Young.
    Should I take the trade?

    I also got a lot of offers for Nene but I’m not sure what to do with him. He hasn’t really lived up to expectations nor has he been consistent enough but his few good games indicated that he could be a fantasy beast.
    With his injury and inconsistency, should I move him now or should I keep him on my roster?

    I play in a head to head/daily league

  16. I would make that deal.

    Kevin Martin was a stud last season, and as the season goes on he should find his 20 PPG stroke again. As good as Nick Young is, he still fights for playing time every night.

    Nene is going to be a headache to own all season. It seems like he should thrive playing PF, but at the same time there are so many players on that team who are ready to jump to the next level. On top of that Al Harrington has been playing great all year..I personally would sell him if the right offer came along.

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