1. I was looking to trade Strasburg for Verlander, but obviously that trade would not be taken straight up. For my relief pitchers I have Chapman, Papelborn, Lynn, and Frieri.

    Would trading Strasburg and Chapman for Verlander be giving up too much?

  2. I would do it, Stras won’t help you in your playoffs. also, 3 closers is usually plenty

  3. Although GW does make a great point about Stras not helping you in the playoffs, you may be giving up too much.

    However if I wanted one pitcher during the fantasy playoffs, it would probably be Justin Verlander.

    Try to make the pitcher Lance Lynn and Stras for Verlander.

    Lynn is heading down-hill quickly. I personally like the idea of three closers, especially on days you do not have a full rotation of SP’s going.

    Any other questions feel free to ask!

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