FANTASY FOOTBALL WEEK 9 BUSTS Gurley is Girly. Can You Digg It?


Gurley is Girly. Can You Digg It?


By Muntradamus


There have been two picks of mine that stick out like a sore thumb to the Troll Nation of this site. Rightfully so, these two players out performed my Rankings with 1 Big Play that saves their day. This week, these two players matchup eachother in Minnesota this week when Stefon Diggs and the Vikings go up against Todd Gurley in the Rams.

For the first time both of these players are matching up against teams that are respectable. You can read more of my shots at each of these players below that you will have trouble arguing against.


WEEK 9 Fantasy Football Bust

Keep in mind there are a lot of teams on Bye Week this week, so to find discrepancy in any position is slimmer than usual.





Ty”God” Taylor has been exceptional this season with his ability to put up vintage Michael Vick stats. Coming off of a leg injury and facing a Miami Dolphins team that still has belief they can make the playoffs makes this matchup not so great for Tyrod. For starters his WR core is only down to a hobbled Sammy Watkins. If Tyrod cannot run like we all remember he was able to early in the season, this is a start you will wish he was on your bench.




Gurley is coming off of back-2-back weeks facing opposing offenses that have been going 3 and out faster than you can ready this sentence. Finally a tough road game against an offense that knows a thing or four about playing keep away and owning T.O.P. This is the week we finally see Gurley look human. If Gurley pulls this one off, he will no longer be on the Bust list. I have never doubted his talent, I always doubted Nick Foles and the Rams system. This week we finally see the System let down Gurley.




Two good games against the Titans and Texans coming off the Bye Week had everyone excited for what Lamar Miller can do to close out the season. A matchup against the Bills who can only stop the run should remind us that Week 8 against the Patriots where Miller was not able to run for 30 yards is his reality. This is a tough matchup, look for Tannehill to try to win the game.




Diggs was bailed out with a long TD in the 4th quarter against Chicago, and got all his points on one play against the Lions on Blown coverage. Now Diggs has a real matchup against the Rams Secondary. I was wrong about Charles Johnson reclaiming his role as the Vikings are clear on Diggs being Teddy’s guy. However a real defense can show that this Diggs hype was all matchup based and now he faces a defense that will remind us why he is WR#3 Quality at best.




Last week the Jets fell apart against Derek Carr, this week we will see the Jets Defense come back to life against the Turnover prone Blake Bortles. Hurns will likely see a lot of Antonio Cromartie, which does not bode well when you compare size of players. We also have to remember that a lot of Hurns success came when Julius Thomas was out, he is now back which means not as many targets.




Yes it does appear that Matthews has claimed the #2 WR job for the Dolphins. However he is not the clear cut #2 target in the passing game led by the inconsistent Ryan Tannehill. Jordan Cameron is always a threat to dig a larger role now that Dan Campbell (ex-TE) is the head coach. Kenny Stills is being featured more and more, but still less than what we expected. You also have Greg Jennings and Davante Parker who are wondering why they cannot see enough targets. This is clearly a Jarvis Landry offense with a bunch of role players, hard to trust Matthews as a #2 WR in Fantasy Football.

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  • the_real_beast November 7, 2015   Reply →

    lol if u keep listing diggs and gurley as busts every single week its bound to come true one of these times right?? :)

    • Muntradamus November 7, 2015   Reply →

      This time neither player have an easy matchup to prove me wrong, both players will struggle on Sunday.

  • Mark November 7, 2015   Reply →

    I do believe Gurley and Diggs will struggle this week, fading both in dfs. I also like the Hurns call, I’m all over Jets defense this week.

  • Rome November 7, 2015   Reply →

    Diggs put up 83 yards against the leagues best defense, who also have the leagues best DB group. Saying that his good games have been matchup is valid but when you re-watch the game (as you say you do) you notice his route running is very difficult to guard. I give him 85 yards and a TD this week.

    • Muntradamus November 7, 2015   Reply →

      His 83 Yards came when the Vikings did not even have Charles Johnson on the field. Also 83 Yards from the #2/#3 WR since Talib was on Wallace is not AMAZING

      • BeastTone November 8, 2015   Reply →

        Harris might be the best CB in football right now. This Denver D is historically good, I’d qualify that as amazing.

  • Ita November 8, 2015   Reply →

    i had a feeling you were gnna put gurley on here again….as the only offensive talent on their team..he has no choice but to perform. This might be a down year for beast teams but i know you’ll bounce back next season

    • Muntradamus November 8, 2015   Reply →

      This is not a down year at all for the VIPs. In no way is TEAM BEAST DOME a reflection of how good everyone is doing this year. Draft was after the first TNF game of the year and I drafted out of the #1 slot which always has you missing players

  • BeastTone November 8, 2015   Reply →

    Well, regarding Diggs and Gurley… A broken clock is right twice a day too. Not trying to troll, you are the one that put them on this list for the past 4-5 weeks!

    This will be a tough task for both this week, you’re right about that. But if I were to bet on one performing over expectations it’s Gurley… And here’s why: Rams Defense. His performances have very little to do with Nick Foles and everything to do with the Rams Defense, because they give Gurley the ball back so he can get 20+ touches. When a true BEAST gets 20+ touches, he gets his fantasy points no matter what. If the Rams Defense can keep the Vikings offense off the field, Diggs probably won’t see as many looks so I can see him coming up with a poor fantasy week, but even with limited touches, he can certainly still put up decent total. I’m just not expecting him to go off like he has the past 4 weeks.

  • Flash November 9, 2015   Reply →

    109 yds and a TD from Gurley. Are you still going to hate on this guy? I don’t know what more you need to realize Gurley is a legit fantasy asset. Shitty QB? Check. Great Defense to keep games close? Check. Jeff Fischer as head coach? Check.

    • BenDontBreak November 10, 2015   Reply →

      To be fair to Muntradamus, his prediction (RB14) was much closer to reality (RB11) than the FanPros ECR (RB2). That said, Gurley still posted a stat line that anybody would be happy with out of their RB1.

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