Looking Back In Time (Week 4)

By Muntradamus



There are a lot of haters this season on the site this Fantasy Football Season.  Do I care?  Not at all.  Everyone is just focusing on one call that has not worked out this season.


For all the people who are planning on waiving him in your Fantasy Football League.  Go for it, and then be too ashamed to come back to this site later on in the season when the team that has Montee Ball is facing you in the Playoffs runs you out of the building.

Let me remind you all.  Montee Ball was not drafted to be your #2 RB, he was not even drafted to be your #3 RB.  Read the BEAST DRAFT STRATEGY one more time.


If you followed this strategy so far this season.  You have three #1 quality WRs (Desean Jackson/Anquan Boldin/Josh Gordon).  The #1A TE in Fantasy Football.  3 RBs in front of Montee.  Then a QB who should get around 300+ Yards consistently each week.

If you followed the BEAST DRAFT STRATEGY 2.0, you are in good shape as other teams roll on the ground in pain at the RB spot.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible Waiver Wire pickups at RB.




 C Spit











ROTO CHATTER (Week 3 Completed)

#1 Overall

#1 QB

#3 RB

#1 WR

#1 TE


#4 Kicker

#1 D/ST




ECR #8


Result: 328 Yards/1 INT/37 Rushing Yards


ECR #15


Result: 35 Yards.


ECR #25


Result: 0



ECR #20


Result: 60 Yards


ECR #10


Result: 34 Yards


ECR #28


Result: 44 Yards


ECR #3


Result: 24 Yards


ECR #8


I was telling VIPs all week he likely will not play.

Result: 0


ECR #17


Result: 3 FG/3 XP


ECR #13


Result: 1 Sack.


ECR #19


2 Sacks. 5 Tackles. 2 FF


ECR #4


10 Tackles. 1 FF.


ECR #50


3 Tackles. 1 INT


More Best Calls Of the Week Below







ECR # 22


The Packers RB situation looks bad.  Michael Jackson bad if you are an Eddie Lacy owner.  James Starks and Jonathan Franklin ran for back-to-back 100 Yard games off the bench, and Lacy has yet to crack 60 Yards in a game.  Lacy has a concussion, and the Packers do want to play it safe with their rookie.  This is not the start owners who some have as their #2 RB is now on the bench, could be long-term.  Look for the Packers to start using all three RBs like the Broncos, the only difference is.  The other two RBs are talented players.  James Starks won the Superbowl for the Packers back in 2011.  Jonathan Franklin was the next Maurice Jones-Drew to come out of UCLA.  None are going to be better than #3 RB quality.



ECR # 16


Nearly every Fantasy Site was predicting a breakout season for David Wilson.  I had Wilson ranked #30+ for a majority of the preseason before Andre Brown broke his leg in the final preseason game.  Now you are seeing a worthless RB who has less Points than Montee Ball.  9 Experts had David Wilson projected as a Top 10 RB in Fantasy Football, and now he is nothing more than a horrible option.  Andre Brown can easily win this spot long-term if he comes back healthy from the broken leg.  So far he is ahead of schedule.



ECR #8


Ray Rice came into the preseason as the #3 RB on a lot of Fantasy Sites.  So far this season Ray Rice has looked helpless and is now injured with a hip injury.  On top of that, Bernard Pierce has basically outpeformed Ray Rice’s entire season in one game.  Ray Rice is in danger of missing another game, and has likely lost more value with Bernard Pierce looking so good.  Hard to keep him off the field.



Result: 45 Yards/1 TD

ECR #58


Marcel had a nice Week 3 TD to cap off his week.  Reece is a BEAST who does not get the touches he really needs to thrive.  He is a good deep option in most leagues just because he is so BIG with the ball.  He is very similar to Joique Bell, but on a much worst offense.



Result: 6 Rec/124 Yards/1 TD

ECR # 58


Denarius has proven once and for all that he is the #1 WR on this team.  Rod Streater has nothing on Denarius’ game, and Monday Night showed that Pryor trusts him more than anyone on the field.  Good WR #3 in all leagues.


Result: 5 Rec/79 Yards/2 TD

ECR # 54


Break Yo Neck was a favorite at BEAST DOME last season.  He is a very much all or nothing type of WR, but last week was an all for the stud.  He will have his bad weeks, but he will have his great ones also.  Big Week for the BEAST DOME WR.


Result: 5 Rec/154 Yards/1 TD

ECR #64


What did Santonio do in Week 3.  Something like 150+ Yards and a TD?  That is why people pay for VIP.


Result: 8 Rec/131 Yards

ECR #72


I have preaching the word BFF all season between the two.  Sunday Locker showed his love throwing to Nate the great often.

  Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012So far to start out 2013 Muntradamus has qualified for the FanDuel Baseball Championship, and DraftStreet Baseball Championship.  Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History. 

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  • Cnop September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Well put and keep up the good work.

  • dallasdavek September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Beast Strategy 2.0 – Easy Living, not only do I have 3 RB’s ahead of Monte but I have Gronk coming back, Julius Thomas the TE everybody wants and Handful of WR’s to get me through the bye weeks. DeSean could of had him, just couldn’t get passed that he plays for the Eagles. As bye weeks start I see Teams starting to scramble because they have no bench. While injuries have most teams depleted at RB I was able to sit Reggie last week and still took the W, even with Lynch taking a skittle break and Bradshaw with a shaky start in Indy.

    (Reggie sell high, I tried…nobody trades in my league)

    Waiver Wire, probable pass….nobody to drop and I’ll move up on the Wire to be ready to claim players dropped tonight. (Found me a Decker last week)

    Thanks for all your help!!!! Looking forward to the casts!!!

  • rovako September 24, 2013   Reply →

    I enjoy the BeastTake now and again. Have to say Montee has shown very little for DEN. Fumbles aside, I see no burst. Hillman appears to be the most explosive back in the DEN stable. Couple Ball dropping the ball and not looking remotely great doing it with John Fox’s HATRED of rookies and I see a long season for anybody holding out hope that Montee Ball will guide them to a championship. That said, I’d certainly trade for Ball as a bench stash but that’s about it. When Knowshon gets hurt he could be forced to contribute. However, keep in mind that Peyton LOVES throwing at the stripe and generally only goes to a run 2-3 times out of 10 when DEN is close. This is Peyton’s team in every possible way. More so than last year, more so than in any other of Peyton’s previous seasons.

  • XJ2B September 24, 2013   Reply →


    Long time bronco fan here. Been watching bronco running backs suck it up since TD and Portis. None with higher expectations than Moreno and Hillman. Norun Moron apparently has learned how to find a hole in the Oline this year, this is a first for him. Hillman cannot break a tackle and has little burst. Montee has been exceptional with most carries, fumbles aside obv. Specifically, on a 3rd + 1 he was contacted behind the line of scrimmage and Montee was able to make it over the line. All that said, he’s not going to be RB1 for a while, but I do believe he will be after Denver’s bye week (9).

    • rovako September 25, 2013   Reply →

      31 carries for 99 yards, for an “exceptional” ypc average of 3.2 according to ESPN. Of course, that’s a bit skewed by Montee’s longest run of the season (12 yards). That’s not even close to exceptional. I understand how a fan thinks but your bar is set way too low if you think that’s anything other than average. John Fox will need a very good reason to play Ball and so far he’s really struggled. That said, he’ll probably improve (up is really the only direction he can go) as the season goes on…if he holds on to the rock.

  • jeff September 24, 2013   Reply →

    14 team ppr.

    Brandon Bolden or Jonathan stewart?

    • Tom September 24, 2013   Reply →

      I like Bolden, J. Stew didn’t impress me as a runner last year and I think the Pats offense is really going to jel (gel?) as the recivers gain more experience under Brady and Gronk and Dola return.

    • XJ2B September 24, 2013   Reply →

      Assuming you mean long term stash. I’d go Stewart if you’re looking past 8th week.

  • Steve September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Hartline @ NO vs the new and improved NO D), Holmes (@ TN vs the hard hitting Pollard), Moore (vs. Redskins with Pyror possibly out) (This is FLEX Plug and Play)

    • wrista98 September 25, 2013   Reply →

      I’m in this boat as well. I think I’m going to go with Moore with hartline as my close second. But it’s a close call.

  • bcalum06 September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Good stuff man! I got montee in the 4th in one of my leagues and im gonna ride it out. Im 3-0 in that league also.

  • TK September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Here’s my team:
    QB Vick & Luck
    RB Jamaal Charles, Steven Ridley, Monte Ball, Mendenhall & McGahee
    WR DeSean Jackson, Amendola, Edelman, Percy Harvin, Blackmon & Burleson
    TE Jimmy Graham & Jordan Cameroun
    DST Stream
    K Bailey
    It’s a 3 WR and 1 flex league. currently, 2nd place. How can I improve this roster? I was thinking about dropping Burleson and either Mendenhall or Mcgahee for Andre Brown and Sanantonio Holmes. Kenbrell, Shaun Hill, Tedd Ginn are also on waiver. Any advice.

    • XJ2B September 24, 2013   Reply →

      Drop Burleson for sure on the injury news. But you obviously need another WR. Holmes, Thompkins seem good options. Do you start 2Rb, 3Wr, 1 flex? can you flex a TE? if you can’t – find someone that will trade a solid RB or WR for Cameron.

  • Hayzeus September 24, 2013   Reply →

    I think I understand this place now… you just push big names up or down 10 spots vs. ECR & then call out that you were ahead of the group when they have a good/bad game which matches how you pushed them. You completely ignore the other group of players which you pushed up 10 spots vs ECR, but finished 10 spots behind ECR. You know, like the Giants players this week. Where’s the section where you missed big time vs. ECR?

    • Muntradamus September 24, 2013   Reply →


      -2 Spots to Victor Cruz
      +4 Spots ahead of Hakeem Nicks
      +4 Spots ahead with Eli Manning

      For all of you people who have nothing better to do but to find one or two bad calls each week. Go ahead and be a rankings slave to ESPN. Nobody wants you here.

      Don’t know what you are referring to with the bad picks? I didn’t really have that BAD of a pick.

      • Mike September 24, 2013   Reply →

        Why don’t you leave your rankings up longer than just a couple days. Not trying to be an a-hole, just wondering. I would like to see your rankings before I go and spend 130 bucks for your content.

  • Tom September 24, 2013   Reply →

    I’m feeling a little nervous after putting up a dismal 66 points this week and having a bench that is too crowded with TEs and stashing Montee and Percy long term. My WR corps is starting to scare me, as Boldin, Austin, and Nicks have a combined 1 TD in 3 weeks. Last week those 3 combined for whopping 8 points with Nicks doughnut. Luck didn’t really put up the numbers you would expect with the colts putting up 27, and Lynch was overshadowed by the seattle WRs.

    Here is my team

    QB- Luck
    WR- M. Austin, Nicks, Boldin, Edelman, Percy
    RB- Lynch, Gore, Bush, Ball
    TE- Cook, JT, Gronk
    K- A. Vin
    Def- Arizona

    I feel kind of hamstrung, and I’m worried that I will have lost too much ground in the short term for my long term bets on Montee and Harvin to pan out. I’ve tried trading some of my TE depth for a WR but no one in my league is trading. Should I consider dropping Jared Cook? That sounds kind of crazy but when Gronk comes back I certainly don’t need 3 TEs. Any thoughts, really need some advice, thanks!

    • XJ2B September 24, 2013   Reply →

      I’m in a similar situation except in a league that has a huge bench. I have Cameron, JT, Gronk. I’ve been actively trying to trade Cameron, but might keep him and trade JT instead. If you drop Cook, someone will pick him up quickly, he will have another huge game soon. Get some value from Cook or trade JT. You’re likely not starting either one once Gronk returns.

  • Mike September 24, 2013   Reply →

    I thought this was for the waiver wire not MVPs or am I missing something?

    • Muntradamus September 24, 2013   Reply →

      It’s me sending a message to all of you who keep saying my picks are bad each week. My picks lead you to the top Waiver Wire players in all leagues the week before.

      • G-Money September 24, 2013   Reply →

        I respect your picks Munt. You are one of what I call my pantheon that I seek out for weekly perspectives other than my own. There’s no fantasy “expert” who gets everything right, but I know that when my gut and analysis lines up with your picks, it’s all systems go for fantasy domination. Keep up the good work.

      • SupaGalacticLuva September 25, 2013   Reply →

        I’m no VIP because I can’t afford it. I have been following Muntradamus’ advise since last season. This year I have 4 teams and my rankings are 2-1, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0. I couldn’t get Ball on two of the 3-0 teams but am fighting hard for him. Munts advise is gold. I use FantasyPros’s rankings adviser to help choose my starts as well. Guess how I use it… I press ctrl+f (to search the page) and type “munt” in the search box to get his take on the ranking. Munts take has always been what I live by since I started following him. I wish I had VIP so I could have an edge on waivers and trade advise. Not having VIP and seeing that advise much later in the week may lead to my ultimate demise. I can’t image how much more powerful I would be as VIP. I will always be a follower of Muntradamus and if you chose to not follow him then I hope to have you in my league as I BEASTROLL your face.

  • SSxAcoso September 24, 2013   Reply →

    My Team:
    QB’s- Stafford / RG3
    RB’s- McCoy/Bush/Murray/Ball/Snelling/Starks(trying to drop for Sidney Rice)
    WR’s- Bowe/DJACKSON/M Austin/Blackmon
    TE’s- JThomas/Gronk
    Def-Minnesota 10 points was good for how that game came out lol.(trying to get KC or IndY)

    Someone offered me Roddy White or Hakeem Nicks for Julius Thomas.. Kinda hard to turn that down he said my choice lol what you guys think?
    Also any other suggestions on my team let me know.

    • G-Money September 24, 2013   Reply →

      Here are some tips:

      Don’t get fooled by Sidney Rice’s numbers and scale back your expectations. If you think every week will be like this past week, you might be in for a let down.

      Like you I had Minnesota expecting Cleveland to be garbage, and I was ecstatic to get 10 points out of that game. Such is the streaming life. KC and Indy are my top two choices in streaming defense this week, and I expect them to get it done a lot cleaner than Minnesota.

      Lastly, I would be wary of Nicks. He just put up a goose egg and Eli has looked shoddy at best. White is the better choice (not without his own question marks i.e. injury btw), but I would want to be absolutely sure Gronk was back this week before I pulled the trigger (defer to Munt’s call on injury status if you have VIP and he’s advising on the topic).

      • SSxAcoso September 24, 2013   Reply →

        Yeah I have same thoughts on Rice, Just munt said that Rice is likely to hit again next week so maybe I can fool someone in my league :D.. That’s what I am going for.
        Thanks for your advice/input Gmoney I appreciate it

    • Thomas September 24, 2013   Reply →

      Roddy White will return to form. Pull the trigger. I would in a heartbeat.

    • Anonymous September 25, 2013   Reply →

      Just to agree the last 2 comments, Roddy for JT is a win by itself. And you got Gronk in the wings, you’re set. This is why you grabbed JT/Gronk to begin with.

    • Tom September 25, 2013   Reply →

      Wow, take that trade for sure. Roddy White all day

  • LG September 24, 2013   Reply →

    Thanks for all your help Munt. Fantasy is difficult to predict, but I think your analysis is one of the best out there.

    Do you guys think I should drop Miles Austin and R Randle for some of the WR Additions mentioned??

    Can you rank D Moore, N Washington, D Heyward Bey, S Holmes ?

  • CapnCrunch September 24, 2013   Reply →

    QB: Stafford
    RB: McCoy, Forte, R. Bush, MJD, Mendenhall, Tate, Joique
    WR: DeSean, Cobb, T.Y., Josh Gordon, Sidney Rice
    TE: Gates
    Def: Vikings (by Committee)
    K: Akers
    12 team league 1QB,2RB,2WR,1Flex,1TE

    Guy wants to trade me McCoy for Dez and Ray Rice, Whaddaya think?

    • CapnCrunch September 24, 2013   Reply →

      And who do I add to sweeten the deal and get him to bite?

    • LG September 24, 2013   Reply →

      I think you have an amazing team there. You are pretty stacked at both WR and RB and although you’re getting both potential #1WR/RB, they’re underperforming. DeSean, Cobb and Gordan will carry you solidly throughout the year; so not a significant WR upgrade there. Whilst Rice won’t perform anywhere close to LeSean.
      Although the trade sounds good initially, I’d hesitate accepting it

      • CapnCrunch September 25, 2013   Reply →

        That is what I was thinking, it looks like a decent trade, but I only have so many starting roster spots so they might wind up on the bench anyway. Not a bad problem to have, but I will continue to try and improve while also trying not to fuc4 up a good team.

  • John September 25, 2013   Reply →

    I have a major issue at TE. Finley is on a bye, so I have to pick up a TE. There is not much available on the waiver: Jordan Reed, Scott Chandler, Delanie Walker and some other low level players. I am leaning towards reed, but he is listed as Q. Any thoughts? Also as streaming def I am looking at TB or Ind.

  • Steve September 25, 2013   Reply →

    Drop your Josh Freeman!!! He’s benched

  • Vince September 25, 2013   Reply →

    Hey so I have lesean McCoy by wasn’t able to handcuff him. I’m scared he’s gonna get injured so I’m trying to get Bryce brown. He wants Bradshaw for him. Should I do it ? Or no. Thanks

  • Andy September 25, 2013   Reply →

    What’s up Beast Nation! After the Trent Richardson trade I’m left with Trent, Ahmad and Willis McGahee for my 2 RB spots ( S Jackson on the bench) Am I crazy for considering starting both Trent and Ahmad playing for the same team? Thanks for your help!

    • broken_jaw_mcgraw September 25, 2013   Reply →

      I have a similar situation. I have to choose between Montee and McGahee. I also have Trent Richardson and S Jackson hurt on the bench. If I was you I’d lean towards Bradshaw over McGahee this week, especially based on matchups.

  • derek420 September 25, 2013   Reply →

    i just got done dropping Freeman for Glennon, considering what was left on the WW.
    hey guys i’m drafting my last league tonight-

    the league setting is nuts..10 team, PPR(1pt per), 2qb, 2rb+1rb/wr,2wr+1wr/te, 1 Flex. Plus it’s IDP.
    This is my first PPR + IDP draft
    my other 4 are standard 12 team leagues (i went rb,rb,rb,qb,M.Ball).. any suggestions for draft strategy??

    Thanks in advance.!. love the website Munt and Co.

    • Anonymous September 25, 2013   Reply →

      RBs are in short supply, but i would wait on a QB. You can get quality at QB later and in PPR you need your skill position guys to be high volume (regardless of whether it’s catching or running; a 2-down back can still be good in PPR if he’s getting big yardage). It’s strange to draft so late, and you miss out on draft steals like Cameron, et al. I don’t think I would like to start so late.

    • Anonymous September 26, 2013   Reply →

      definitely load up on RB’s but i’d target Peyton the Money Machine Manning first in a 2QB league. 6pt or 4pt passing TD’s?

      I would go QB, RB, RB, Gronk, RB, RB..

    • robere September 26, 2013   Reply →

      definitely load up on RB’s but i’d target Peyton the Money Machine Manning first in a 2QB league. 6pt or 4pt passing TD’s?

      I would go QB, RB, RB, Gronk, RB, RB..

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