It does not matter what your regular season record is, as long as you make the playoffs.  

You could be 14-0, and lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.

You could be 7-7 and win the entire thing.  

It is all about getting hot at the right time, just like in real sports.




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  • ukbsktbll October 22, 2013   Reply →

    This week was a rough one for me. Lost Martin for probably the rest of the season along with Finley. I am hurting at the WR and RB spot. Need help prioritizing my waiver adds.

    Mike James RB TB
    Sidney Rice WR SEA
    Jarrett Boykin WR GB
    Aaron Quarless TE GB
    Jordan Reed TE WAS

    Now my league is very deep and I don’t think there are any other great options. Mad at myself for poorly prioritizing my pickups last week or I would of had Boykin. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • dropdimes15 October 22, 2013   Reply →

      If you are really hurting at RB now then you might have to go after one, but I agree Mike James is not set up for success. Also keep in mind that boykins will not be around for the second round of waiver pickups.
      I really like Reed, I would do my best to get him too as he looks like a top option for RG3 now

  • ShowMeYaTDs123 October 22, 2013   Reply →

    i would begin by trying to pick up either Mike James or even Chris Ivory. in regards to Mike James, TB doesn’t have a great offense. even when Doug Martin played, their running game wasn’t that good, so i wouldn’t expect anything different with Mike James.

    nxt i would target Jarrett Boykin. with Cobb, Jones and now Finley out, Rodgers will be looking for Boykin and Nelson even more. just keep an eye out when Jones eventually returns.

    i think Luck will be looking more for Hilton and Fleener, but Heyward-Bey wouldn’t be a bad pick up either with Reggie Wayne out for the season.

  • ewu118 October 22, 2013   Reply →

    Need help deciding on who to use my #1 waiver on (6-1 in a 0.5 PPR 14 team league): Mike James or Chris Ivory.
    I have to fill an RB bye week for week 10, and MJ has a nice matchup vs Miami, but Ivory is on bye. However I think Ivory is the overall better player in a better offense than MJ, and even Doug wasn’t that productive before his injury. But I just don’t know when I’ll even use Ivory… at least with MJ I know I will use him come week 10. My starting RBs are Jamaal and Forte. And can cover for flex easily with WR core of Cruz, Boykin, TY, Hartline, Percy. I also have Roy Helu that can be used as emergency RB bye-week filler.

    • MC_ROUG3 October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I would take the risk on MJ if you are just looking for a bye week fill in. Not sure how much trading happens in your league but Ivory could easily be packaged with Boykin or TY for an upgraded RB to use in Week 10.

  • MC_ROUG3 October 22, 2013   Reply →

    Was just offered my Demarco Murray for T-Rich…thoughts? Not sure how long it will take Demarco to heal but T-Pain hasn’t been producing much at all

    • ukbsktbll October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I would stick with Murray. Trich hasn’t been anything special plus with Wayne out their run game will likely suffer some.

  • jdustinb October 22, 2013   Reply →

    PPR 12 Man League – Pick two for the rest of the season:

    Mike Wallace
    Hakeem Nicks
    Anquan Boldin

    • Anonymous October 22, 2013   Reply →

      Nicks, Boldin. Wallace is a one trick pony. If he does not get the long TD he is pretty average.

  • JohnyRoyale October 22, 2013   Reply →


    M Lynch & J Gordon for Welker, D Murray & J Randle

    • camilusss October 22, 2013   Reply →

      no way, you’re giving up lynch who can get 100yrds+TD any game and replacing him with hurt demarco murray and randle whos had one game so far. slight upgrade from gordon to welker but not worth the downgrade at RB

    • ukbsktbll October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I think it all depends what you need. Lynch is a beast and Gordon value will drop bc Weeden sucks. If you need improvement at WR thats not a bad trade though Randle loses all value the second Murray comes back

    • JohnyRoyale October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I was on the Lynch side of this trade.

  • boilermaker October 22, 2013   Reply →

    Due to my entire team being set to the IR these past few weeks (wayne and julio jones), my WRs are as follows: keenan allen, pierre garcon, hopkins, marvin jones, and kerley.

    TE: Finley

    RB: Bush, AP, Woodhead, Pierre Thomas

    3WR/2RB format.

    Was just offered Reed and Harvin for Allen and Woodhead. Would you do it?

    • camilusss October 22, 2013   Reply →

      take it and run imo..harvin should help your WR a ton if not provide the same production as allen when he gets going

      i’d still rather have percy than allen tbh

    • mpapa720 October 23, 2013   Reply →

      That’s a decent offer. Harvin should produce more than Allen once he gets back on the field. However, I don’t think it does much for you as far as your WR depth goes. You would still really only have 2 startable WRs in Garcon and Harvin. Also, just be careful with Harvin. I know the reports are saying he wants to play Monday night, but he may not start that early. Just be aware that they might try to hold him out for a week or two (which in the long run is a good thing for them).

  • pacdiddy55 October 22, 2013   Reply →

    Yo beast dome have a trade question I need help with.
    I would be trading A.J. green and Rya n Matthews for Chris Johnson

    My team consists of the following
    Qb Vick/foles
    Rb lynch/martin/Matthews/Stewart
    Wr AJ green/kembral thompkins/washington

  • pacdiddy55 October 22, 2013   Reply →

    Yo beast dome have a trade question I need help with.
    I would be trading A.J. green and Rya n Matthews for Chris Johnson and josh gordon

    My team consists of the following
    Qb Vick/foles
    Rb lynch/martin/Matthews/richarson
    Wr AJ green/kembral thompkins/Nate Washington
    TE whitten

    God trade or bad?

    • JohnyRoyale October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I’d keep the players you have….. You’re weakest at WR, and you’re giving up the best player in the trade (who happens to be a WR) I’m not sold on CJ0K… regardless of Muntra’s thoughts…

      If thats who your targeting perhaps T Rich for CJ straight up. T-Rich looks lost out there and is losing his confidence.

    • mpapa720 October 23, 2013   Reply →

      While I do like Gordon a lot, I can’t say that I would trade away AJ and Mathews for CJ?K and Gordon. CJ?K makes me nervous, although I can see him produce well over the next few weeks. The thing with Gordon though is his QB situation. It’s in flux right now and who knows what’s going to happen. We’d be fools for not taking that into consideration when thinking about Gordon’s outlook. AJ has Dalton who, although not great, is a decent QB that will help AJ produce. So with all that being said, I’d say keep what you got.

  • camilusss October 22, 2013   Reply →

    beastdomers, i have a dilemma that others might share with me.

    i have no idea what to do with jordan cameron, with weekly reports of josh gordon being potentially traded i think its time to jump ship.

    this opportunity presented itself: my peyton and cameron for rodgers+gronk+roddy

    should i take this deal and laugh come playoff time?

    • JohnyRoyale October 22, 2013   Reply →

      I like it ROLL THE DICE!!

      Perhaps squeeze them for a healthier WR than Roddy? I like buying low, but the dudes old and banged up.

      Cameron is the #2 scoring TE YTD (atleast in my league) behind Graham so its not like the drop off is that great.

    • jrome215 October 22, 2013   Reply →

      Rodgers just keeps losing weapons, where as manning has 5. It is impossible for the defense to cover 5 players each play. Rodgers is capable of putting up manning numbers but he needs more than boykin and nelson. Another thing to consider is do you need Roddy? Other than that is you think the Packers recivers will be healthy by playoff time then I would do it. Gronk is going to be the highest scoring TE the rest of the year(even on his bye weak). If Roddy comes back healthy he will put up monster games, look what Ryan did with Douglas.

  • wannaBEast October 23, 2013   Reply →

    Dont know if murray will play this week. Need a RB this week: MJames,Helu,Ivory? James tomorrow night sucks cause I wont fully know the status of murray but who knows..James could do well. Any suggestions?

    • Kooper October 23, 2013   Reply →

      I wouldn’t bend over backwards to get Mike James for this week. Martin struggled in that offense, and he actually has talent. Also, CAR Defense is good. Ivory is the only must-add of those three.

      • wannaBEast October 23, 2013   Reply →

        thanks for the advice man, someone already swiped up james anyways. Hope murray plays but if not im gonna have to drop keenan allen for either ivory or helu :(

  • wannaBEast October 23, 2013   Reply →

    Should I drop Boldin and keep KAllen? receivers: djax,gordon,blackmon,white,allen,boldin

    • Kooper October 23, 2013   Reply →

      I’d hold Boldin over Keenan Allen.

  • Anonymous October 23, 2013   Reply →

    Thoughts on the situation with T-Rich Beast dome nation?

  • Bornz October 23, 2013   Reply →

    Thoughts on T-Rich’s situation? Donald Brown still available in my league.

    • wannaBEast October 23, 2013   Reply →

      Brown’s starting to look like a decent pickup if richardson keeps running in moon shoes..tough call though cause trich could vulture some easy tds

  • NYsteve October 23, 2013   Reply →

    I need a #2 RB since Ryan Matthews is on bye. I have mike Tolbert and Jason Snelling. Brandon Bolden is available and really the only attractive waiver wire pickup besides Andre Ellington and James Starks. Thougts?

  • nysteve October 23, 2013   Reply →

    I need a #2 RB option for this week since Matthews is on bye. I have snelling and Tolbert, both of whom are up against stout run defenses. Available via waiver are Bolden, Ellington, James starks and Marcel Reese. Any thoughts? Other than that my team is stout: Manning, Lynch, AJ Green, Harry Douglas, Witten, Gronk, Niners D etc.

    • JohnyRoyale October 23, 2013   Reply →

      I’d take Ellington out of those. He’s on bye the following week FYI

  • jd October 23, 2013   Reply →

    1) my mcgahee and stacy for james jones
    2) my gordon and shorts for cj2k and amendola
    or both?

    • Kooper October 23, 2013   Reply →

      yeah, I like both trades. Amendola is a risk, but I guess so is Gordon with Weeden. Shorts for Amendola is a sideways trade with upside in both players, whereas CJ2K is most likely a win in a trade for Gordon.
      You’re really banking on Jones being the #2 if you give up McGahee and Stacy, both of whom could be alright at times, but their situations look bad.

  • JohnyRoyale October 23, 2013   Reply →

    After the injurioes I’m dumpster diving for a FLEX option this week. At the top of the pile is:



    I need a 1-2 week fill in thru the BYENADO

    Is anyone worth dropping MIKE WILLIAMS for over that window? (.5 PPR)

  • JohnyRoyale October 23, 2013   Reply →

    After the injurioes I’m dumpster diving for a FLEX option this week. At the top of the pile is:



    I need a 1-2 week fill in thru the BYENADO

    Is anyone worth dropping MIKE WILLIAMS for over that window? (.5 PPR)

    • mpapa720 October 23, 2013   Reply →

      It’s tough to say, but I’d probably pick up Hillis. He should be able to produce against Philly this week, especially since Jacobs might be out.

  • mpapa720 October 23, 2013   Reply →

    So I was just able to sell high on Matt Ryan to upgrade my QB2 position. I traded away Ryan, Shorts, and Reed (another sell high) to get Brees and Ellington. So now Brees is my QB2 in a 2QB league. Brees as a QB2 is unheard of, but it’s true. My roster now looks like this:

    QB – Peyton and Brees LOL!!!
    RBs (start 2): Shady, Spiller, F. Jax, Ellington, Mendy, Hillis, Bryce Brown, J. Stew
    WRs (start 3): D. Jax, Roddy, Thompkins, Boykin, N. Washington
    TEs: Orange Julius
    D/ST: Chiefs
    K: Bailey

    You guys think I’m set for the year? I’ve made lots of trades to get my team to this level. Barring injury I think I’m set for the ROS, playoffs, and hopefully the championship. I just hope that they sit Spiller down for a couple of weeks to rest his ankle so he can beast the rest of the way.

    • mpapa720 October 23, 2013   Reply →

      btw this is a 12-team PPR money league. My biggest weakness right now is probably my WR3, but it’s not that bad I don’t think. Boykin should do well now that Finley is out, so he should be at least a serviceable WR3 the rest of the way.

      What do you guys think?

      • JohnyRoyale October 23, 2013   Reply →

        I think Bree’s and manning is redonk in a 2 QB league. Your receivers are pretty weak though….

        I like how u got rid of Ryan.

        Playing devils advocate I’d trade Manning for a Megatron/DezBryant and their QB1. You’d end out ahead in week to week pts

  • Battle for 1st October 24, 2013   Reply →

    Got gronk as TE. So for my flex I got Stacy Cameron and t Williams. Beast nation who ya got? I am leaning with Williams. A) match up and B) getting looks.anyone else with any suggestions?

  • Knapp10991 October 24, 2013   Reply →

    Shady and Torrey Smith for CJ2K and DeSean Jackson? I’d give up shady and Smith. My RB’S are Shady DeMarco Ridley Bryce Brown Andre Brown and my WR’s are Fitz Gordon Torrey Smith Nate Washington James Jones and DHB

  • david_el October 24, 2013   Reply →

    Hey guys I need some advice on this weeks at hb…I have Morris who is my clear number one. My other hbs are woodcock who is on bye, deangelo williams, Chris Ivory, Kendal Hunter. I only need to pick one of these bums because gronk is my flex and witten is my tight end. My recievers are stacked but there is also a question mark on who to start. I have D Thomas, Desean Jackson, Larry Fitz, Roddy, and Sidney Rice…..Any help will be greatly appreciated. As of right now I just need to know what y”all think about Williams in tonights game. My gut is telling me to roll with Kendall though, I have a feeling they are going to steam roll Jac and that they will limit Gore so he has a lot of rest going into his bye week!

  • Kevin Lariviere October 24, 2013   Reply →

    Would you trade away DeSean Jackson for Knowshon Moreno? My Roster is: Ryan, Lynch, CJ2K, Ivory, Steven Jackson, Jordy Nelson, D. Jackson, Boldin, Roddy White, Denarius Moore, Jarrett Boykin, Antonio Gates

  • jdustinb October 24, 2013   Reply →

    12 person PPR

    Was thinking about dropping Ivory and picking up Mike Wallace on the WW (Nicks is also available), but someone just offered Garcon for Murray. What do you guys think? Good trade? Pull the trigger? Stay tight and pick up Wallace or Nicks?

    My W/R/T situation:
    Welker / Boldin / Boykin
    Lync / S. Jackson / Murray / Ivory
    Gronk / Cameron

  • munho October 25, 2013   Reply →

    Working on getting my team better.

    QB – RG3, Romo
    RB – Lynch, Murray, Sjax, Stacy
    WR – Gordon, Blackmon, DJax, Keenan Allen, Stevie Johnson
    TE – Gronk
    K – Dan Bailey
    DEF – KC

    I’d like to solidfy RB by trading for a top guy like Charles, Foster, Forte, McCoy. Jordan Reed is on the Wire. I’m thinking if I can trade Gronk and Allen to pick up a top RB, then grab Reed off the wire. I could also grab Reed first and drop Johnson. Any thoughts at what I should do 10 team standard.

  • kdog October 25, 2013   Reply →

    Soooo Hillman not dressing!
    Ball backup
    CJ anderson dressing!

    I had to drop Montee because well he sucked and now just wondering what the game plan is.
    Heard good things about CJ Anderson.
    Im jammed up for roster space cant drop M.james cause he played.
    Picked up Z.Stacy 2 weeks ago.

    Should I drop Stacy for Ball?
    Should I grab CJ Anderson for a chance?
    A friend will trade me D.Wilson for Stacy and then I can drop Wilson for one of these guys but which one to grab if any at all!

    How to proceed?

  • bandre4 October 25, 2013   Reply →

    He is very busy. He seems to be online at night but for short period of time, but is understandable I think he is going to do a HUGE tournament this week.

  • SSxAcoso October 25, 2013   Reply →

    What do you guys think of my team.. Recently made a few deals and changed it up a bit.
    QB’s- Stafford/Brady/Vick

    RB’s- McCoy/Murray/Bush/Trich/A.Brown




    Def-New Orleans (streaming).. Any advice on this one lmme know.. not a lot of options on the waiver wire
    Also just curious what you guys think Pick a starting line up for QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/TE/K/DEF Scoring is PPR

  • Boilermaker October 27, 2013   Reply →

    start Kris Durham or Marvin Jones?

  • Boilermaker October 27, 2013   Reply →

    Kris Durham or Marvin Jones?

    Right now Durham is on waivers. Should I drop DeAndre Hopkins for him?

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